Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Things To Know About Exercises And Staying Healthy

Things To Know About Exercises And Staying Healthy
Do you know that children who exercise frequently have a healthy body weight than children who do not exercise? Exercise makes your bones strong, improves your heart and lungs, and makes your muscles strong. Exercise can also avert specific diseases that affect adolescents and young people. 
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Research shows that young people who exercise regularly burns more calories and use blood sugar more efficiently than those who do not exercise. This could protect developing type 2 diabetes. This should concern you because in recent years, a large number of health problems that doctors could see in adults are now seen in young people.

For example, 15 years ago; type 2 diabetes was rare in adolescents, but now accounts for nearly 50% of new cases of diabetes in young people. In fact, type 2 diabetes was called "adult diabetes," but the name was changed because many young people started developing the disease. Here is another thing to consider: children and adolescents who are overweight are more likely to become obese adults. If you start the healthy habit (like daily exercise) when you are young, you will be likely to continue when you're older. 
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New research also shows that exercise during adolescence (from 12 years) can help shield girls from breast cancer when they become older. It can help the affected person recover quickly without stress. Also, regular physical activity can help avert colon cancer later in life. The more time you spend watching TV or playing video games, the less time you have to be active. Not being active can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain and even obesity (dangerously high weight), which can lead to type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. These three conditions can affect your heart and make it easier for you to get certain diseases. Obesity can also affect your self-esteem, too.
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Staying Fit And Healthy
Being part of physical activity in your life, you can help protect your health! There are different ways to do similar exercise; running, walking, jumping, gym, cardio, cross section, obstacle courses, sports, etc. Our bodies need exercise for us to function properly; exercise stimulates the brain and helps with oxygen in the blood. Some of us do not have enough time to work on our diet properly, but remember that overall fitness of 100% is classified as- diet 70% and 30% gymnastics.
Drink water, water, and more water when the body needs it. You can also drink even when your body don't need it. Better to have more than less.

Adults, teens, children, old people, should all make drinking lots of water a habit. Water has always been an important drink and sustains life to man, and it is essential for the survival of most other organisms. Water represents about 70% of the mass of the human body. It is a fundamental component of metabolic processes and used as a solvent for many bodily solutes.

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So, before you start complaining about little or no time to exercise or plan your diet, first sit and think of the harm you will be causing yourself.

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I strongly recommend you include exercise and healthy balanced diet into your daily activities.

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Thursday, 20 April 2017


 TROPIDOC LEVERAGES TECH TO HELP PATIENTS FIND SPECIALIST CARE IN REAL TIME, a new platform that provides a channel for patients to instantly reserve spots in scarce and difficult to find specialist clinics currently covers Abuja and recently opened up Nasarawa as they continue their gradual nationwide expansion.

Tropidoc indexes clinics that run within health facilities and hospitals and helps patients to reserve spots in those clinics. Patients can find when a particular specialist clinic will run in a particular hospital within the week and can go ahead and reserve an appointment to consult with the specialist.

Plagued with shortage of health care specialists, it takes an average two to three weeks and multiple referrals to find and reserve appointments to see specialists in most tertiary health institutions in Nigeria. However several of these specialist clinics run in various hospitals daily. Tropidoc eliminates this problem by providing a platform where patients can instantly find these clinics and reserve appointments instantly, including same-day appointments.
Patients can also review hospitals and clinics they have visited. These reviews are unique because only patients that have actually kept an appointment with a clinic can actually review it. Tropidoc also benefits hospitals as it provides them wider visibility and helps them attract new patients

About Tropidoc

Tropidoc was founded by a team of two doctors and an engineer - Drs Kizito Egeonu and Mak Milaham and Engr Charles Nwocha.

Frustrated by how difficult it is to get their referred patients to see a specialist as soon as possible and how difficult to find specialist clinics to refer to, the trio set out to code this project. They bring a combined 8 years experience in healthcare and extensive entrepreneurial experience in various fields to the table.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Things You Should Never Ask Your Husband

Marriage comes with a lot of compromise but the great thing about compromise is that it goes beyond expectations, which can be extremely helpful to your marriage; and some expectations of your husband—or of your marriage—are unrealistic. There is always a line between that which is acceptable and which is not.
 Even though marriage is all about understanding one another, tolerating one another, been free with one another and all that, here are some things you should never ask of your husband as they come with expectation that in reality he can’t live up to:

1. To Choose Between You And His Mother: Whatever problem you are having with his mother, may be you are not getting equal priority as his mother, don’t ever ask him to choose between you and his mother. Just swallow that problem for the sake of your relationship. There is no direct answer to choosing between you and his mum, so just keep the suggestion to yourself and look for ways to manage the problem instead.

2. To Listen To You Like A Female Friend Would: Men and women tend to have different goals with communication, with men concerned about identifying and fixing problems, and women expressing feelings and connecting emotionally. You should never ever expect him to listen to your gossip as a female friend as it would surely make him frustrated. Even if he pretends most times to listen to your gossip, more than half of the time, he is just not interested. They have other things bothering them and the last thing they want to do is sit around listen to gossips that would definitely not help solve the problem. Most times, they want you to do less talking and listen more to them instead.

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3. To Never Notice Another Woman: Girl, forget it! Men are genetically programmed to notice women in general. Don’t get me wrong here, because I am not saying that you should let your husband ogle other woman and be totally fine with it. Looking is natural, and it’s not even unhealthy as long as it’s “just looking”. If your husband is full-on flirting with another woman, then you can confront him about his behavior. But, you don’t expect him to not notice other women when they pass! And because of this, you need to step up your game by always trying to stay in shape and appear queenly to him so he doesn’t take it beyond “looking” at other women!

4. To Have The Same Interests As You: Enjoy the similar interests you have, but also enjoy the different ones, because they keep him and you happy. Plus, having different interests keeps things interesting between you both. But don’t ever make it an issue if your husband is not having the same interests as you. Like every person has its own way of living, same way every person has its own interest.

5. To Not Hang Out With His Friends: It’s obvious expecting during the first couple of years of marriage that you want to spend time together and to have him want the same thing. But in the long run, in a healthy relationship it is important to have other people to spend time with. So let your husband hang out with his friends. Don’t nag him for wanting to do it. You may not like the result.

6. To Make More Money: Well, I know we all like good things. Every lady wants to be seen riding her own car, wearing very expensive clothes and jewelries, shop in the most expensive stores and all that. But, please, don't ever ever ask your husband why he is not making enough money (especially when you remind him of someone who started working not long and is already rich). You would think you are trying to challenge him to do better but you are actually sending the wrong message.

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So, that’s my own list of what not to say to your husband! Let’s hear your below!

Monday, 17 April 2017

How To Improve Your Memory Capacity.

How To Improve Your Memory Capacity.
Most of us do not pay much attention to our brain until it begins to disappoint. If you are getting older and begin to realize the changes in brain function and memory that go along with aging, then you may also want to know how to increase your memory capacity.

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The first thing you must realize is that the brain is like any muscle in the body. If not used, you may lose it. Most of us learn no significant new information after the age of twenty, and the brain even start to forget what they learned once. Studies show that people who are still actively learning, do puzzles, and exercise their brain in a variety of ways have the best chance of being able to increase the memory capacity and maintain a healthy and active brain longer in  life.

You may ask why your brain will later disappoint. Basically, we are living longer than ever and our brain begins to carry out the pace of the rest of our body. This means that over the years, one can have trouble remembering things, may be more difficult to find words or names of people, and even more difficult to achieve the energy to think really.

You may want to know what plays the most important role in our brain’s function. Our diet plays a very important role. Few of us get the nutrients we really need in life and this can leave our brains exhausted. To increase the memory capacity, you need adequate nutrients in the right balance, and there is no doubt that the average human diet today is not just that. Thus, to complement the meager amount of nutrients you get, you should consider making a change to your diet, eat better, and take a nutritional supplement that feeds your brain exactly what you need. Focus less on consuming junk foods. Go for rich, balanced diets instead! And eats lots of nuts! All kinds of edible nuts!

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So, what can help you improve your memory power? 
Products, such as supplement Procera AVH Brain is able to revitalize the cells inside your brain, helping to bring more oxygen to this very important body part. It also helps protect brain cells against free radicals that are caused by toxins and stress of everyday life. Using this type of product you will be able to restore some of its depleted neurotransmitters, resulting in smarter and faster brain function.
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Other things you can try out include mental exercise like engaging in games that will challenge you to think critically. Don’t forget your balanced diet and quiet time away from noise!

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