Monday, 24 July 2017

Top Habits You Should Avoid After Eating

Do you know that we are not supposed to drink water immediately after our meals? Strange right? Aside that, there are many other post-meal habits we take as normal and we engage in them without realizing that they are not healthy habits. A lot of people are guilty of one or more. These habits should be noted and avoided the best way we can for a safer health. Here are the ones topping the list:

1. Smoking: Do you know that smoking right after eating can equal to smoking ten cigarettes at one go? Scientists warn that smoking cigarette immediately after a meal increases the risk of lung and bowel cancer and smoking after meals also slows down your metabolism. Avoid this habit so you dont go down with lung or bowel cancer. If you must smoke, smoking can wait until your food is well digested i.e hours after you ate your food.

2. Drinking tea: Drinking tea right after eating can interfere with the iron absorption in your body. Scientists also found that consuming tea during meals decreases the availability of catechins to the body  compounds that are present in tea and play a vital role in various physiological profiles. Avoid taking tea after your meals. Instead, take it hours before the meal or after it.

3. Eating fruits: Eating fruit after a meal can cause indigestion, heartburn and burping, also, getting into the habit of eating something after a meal will put you at a higher risk of weight gain and a fruit has an average of three times the calorie count of most vegetables. Trust me, you don't need this. Take your fruits before the meals instead. Keep it for later if you have started eating when you got it.

4. Sleeping: If you sleep right after your meal, you can be more likely to experience discomfort and bloating, according to research, lying down disturbs the digestion process and causes acid reflux. 

Go for an hour or more before hitting your bed after eating. If you have nothing to do, pick a book to read and allow your food to digest before going to bed.
5. Taking a shower: You need the blood flow to be stimulated towards the stomach for proper digestion of food, taking a shower right after meals diverts the blood flow towards your legs and hands and this affects digestion. I must confess I do this a lot but I stopped when I learnt that its unhealthy. Take a break after your meal before heading to the shower. Or even shower before you eat if you don't have much time.

There are other general unhealthy habits we involve ourselves in like eating before hitting the gym or other sport, eating before crashing in front of the computer i.e working, tightly putting on your belt after eating, etc. the most important to remember is that your health is paramount here and should not be toyed with. 
Give yourself breaks each time you finish eating before going ahead to do other things! Your food need to digest before you do anything else so try to make that a priority always.

Friday, 21 July 2017

How To Prepare Soft Yummy Chin Chin At Home

I don't know about you, but a lot of people I know (including me) cannot pass a chin-chin seller and not be tempted to grab one. Here in Nigeria, chin-chin is a very delicious and yummy deep-fried crunchy snack. It's more like a finger food (small chop) and is sometimes included in event menu. It's also sold in almost in every place you look and I guess it's because a good number of Nigerians love it. Besides, its easy to munch and is very good to fight hunger at the moment! Most people cant really get enough of it. It really is a very useful snack and can even be taken as breakfast with any hot beverage (or cold as the weather dictates).

The chin-chin market is a very good one. As a housewife or someone who just want to get an extra income, I bet you can try this. It is one of the easiest Nigerian snack to make and can be stored for as long as 4-5 weeks if stored in an airtight container and kept in secure places. 
So, to start making your own chin-chin you will need these 

- 2 and 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
- 1 egg (optional)
- 1/2 teaspoonful vanilla flavour 
- 63g margarine (1/4 sachet of margarine )
- ¼  cup sugar 
- ¼ teaspoon nutmeg 
- ¼  teaspoonful baking powder 
- 1 tablespoon milk (optional)
Salt to taste 
- 3/4 - 1 cup water 

When you've gotten all that, you can then proceed to make your very own delightful and crunchy chin-chin. 

- Measure out all the powdered ingredients into a clean bowl and mix. 
- Make syrup out of the sugar, ½ cup of water and flavour. Set aside 
- Add margarine to the flour mixture and rub it in to form crumbs. 
- Add the egg and milk (if liquid) and mix. 
- Make a well in the flour mixture and add the syrup. Mix until well incorporated. 
- Add the remaining ½ cup water little at a time. Knead into a smooth dough and leave to rest for a minute. 
- Cut out some of the dough onto a floured surface; roll out with a rolling pin, cut horizontally into long strands using a knife or wheel cutter. 

- Dice the strands into desired sizes and deep fry until golden brown. 
- Scoop into a sieve and leave to cool. 
- Serve or use as desired. Chin-chin can be served with drinks like local drinks, fruit juices, natural drinks etc and can also be eaten alone anytime, anywhere. 

There you go! So simple I can already imagine you making yours!
Dont forget to share your experience in the comment box! 

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Top Ways You Are Endangering Your Health

We all know health is wealth. Unfortunately, so many people treat their health status as unimportant. Treating our health as a serious necessity makes you totally fit. 
There are some day to day acts, or should I say mistakes, we engage in that could actually be detrimental to our health.

Here are some of the ways we could endanger our health maybe without knowing:

1. Poor Eating Habit:
This is one aspect people tend to overdo. When you eat right, your health feels right. Fruits, vegetables are important part of healthy living. You don't necessarily have to eat heavy meals or even complete the three square meal, but it is necessary to have a complete balanced diet.
When poor eating habit lingers on for long, it affects your mental and physical being. 
Also, excess fat is not right for the body. Try to eat less, avoid oversize portions, and replace sugary drinks with water. So many people are unnecessarily overweight and this can pose a health risk.  Same thing goes with people that are underweight. 

2. Little or no exercise:
The importance of exercise can never be overlooked. so many people are guilty of it, especially those in office environments. It does not take much of your time when you stretch your hands and legs. 
Sitting on the same spot for long hours could later lead to stroke, fat accumulation and many other health risks.
Even if you dont have an office job, take out time to walk round the house, register at a gym center if you can just to keep fit.

3. Excessive thinking:
It is not a big deal when you think and have time alone, in fact, it's advisable to do that once in a while. But it becomes an issue when you do it too often. Excessive thinking could lead to depression if not checked. 
Those likely to internalize stress are in greater danger. It is good to be in control of your thoughts, before they have a troll on you.

4. Reckless Lifestyle:
This is also a way people, especially youths endanger themselves. Excess alcohol is linked to a greater risk of high blood pressure, high levels of blood fats, and heart failure.
In addition, the extra calories can lead to weight gain, a threat to the heart's health. Smoking, extra loud music, keeping a sad face constantly is unhealthy and also a way of endangering your health.

5. Isolation from the world:
So many people like to act like they enjoy been sadists. They shut down the world and create a barrier between themselves and those around them. The importance of always having someone to talk to is deep and shouldn't be overlooked. 
People with stronger connections to family, friends, and society in general tend to live longer, healthier lives. They hardly have many things to worry about, everything just feels perfect. Everyone needs alone time, but you should still reach out to others and keep in touch whenever you can.

6. Wallowing in boredom:
Truth is, we have our days when everything feels not so right, when worries takes a great part of our lives, but we shouldn't let this completely affect us. Some people take life so seriously and hardly find time to relax and chill. It doesn't hurt to go see movies, visit friends or amusement parks. Just take your time and enjoy life and take it one step at a time.

Remember life is quite short, so live healthy, stay healthy, play healthy and make your stay here count. 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

How You Can Become A Better Husband

Truth be told, it is not easy these days to have the husband of your choice! The ladies can relate with that *wink*. Though, there are many good and dope men in this world, things seem to have changed that some men are not ready to hold firmly to their oath of "For Better For Worse". Sometimes, I just want to puke my guts out when I see how some husbands treats their wives, even in public! Some of them gat no chill anymore! Gosh!
To all the great men who want to become a better husband, I heart you a lot and that's why I put this post together for you. I checked out mistakes some husbands made and decided to write down some rules that can guide you through your journey of been then best husband:

1. Don't shout her down: 
Whenever you are both having an argument or something, let her ramble (as long as she's not stabbing your heart), when she finishes her ramble, grab her waist and give her a tight hug. Don't let go even if she tries to push you away or screams at you to let her go. Pull her closer instead. In cases when you cant listen to her blabbing, gently reach for her face and kiss her to stop her from talking further.

2. Surprise her: 
Haphazardly purchase blossoms, take her to a swanky eatery, purchase her an arbitrary present or generally treat her to something decent. It needn't be an expensive showoff, however an intermittent sprinkle will go far. Take her to places she always have in mind but can't visit cause of one reason or the other. Just do things that will make her gape at you in a loving way. You could even cook her favourite yourself or volunteer to do the dishes!  Lol... Just saying. But you know you could do that.

Surprise changes minds. It delights. It demonstrates that the fire of sentiment is as yet smoldering. Astonishment is, by definition, unforeseen, so keep blending it up and being innovative. 

3. Push the watercraft out: 
Sometimes, accomplish something costly together. Push the vessel out. Go to a costly eatery. Go on vacation to some intriguing area. Purchase her a costly commemoration present. 
Yes, you generally need to deal with the cash, so put something aside for periodic times when you have to go overboard. These should be possible as amazements however frequently are enjoyable to arrange together. Start the procedure, then give her choices and let her pick. 

4. Make her laugh: 
Chuckling originates from indiscernible amazement. Tell jokes. Be entertaining. Horse around. When she considers you, she ought to grin inside. Playing the simpleton additionally says you believe her not to exploit your stupidity. 
Fun might exists on the edge of worthiness, so be mindful so as not to tread into risky waters (for instance with sexual orientation jokes). Don't go or push too far, realize where her limits are and regard them. 

5. Guard her: 
Ladies like to feel safe, and as the weaker sex effortlessly feel more defenseless than men. On the off chance that some person assaults her, verbally or something else, go to bat for her. In the event that vital, put yourself at danger. She'll adore you for your boldness. In the event that you appear to be willing to place yourself in harm's way for her, you should without a doubt love her most importantly else.

This does not mean assaulting each man who takes a gander at her or hopping in with both feet when you hear part of a remark. Discover what's happening before putting your neck out. Conversational intrusions can humiliate her. Hostility, even to others, can alarm her. Listening then inconspicuously defusing the circumstance can at times be best. Never forget your objective is her solace, not to knead your own particular masculinity.

6. Consider her choices too:
Some ladies may not always show it but they silently wish you hear them out too before making a choice for you both. It could be where to hangout for a date, what to eat, or even bigger things like how many kids you both want and when to go visit the family. Before you make certain decisions, seek her own opinion even if you may not take them. Most times it feels great when she feels you want to have her take on something.

7. Treat her like a woman:
It might appear to be antiquated, yet, unless she's a decided women's activist, she'll like it when you do things like opening entryways for her, helping her on with her jacket, and essentially continually putting her first. 
Trust me, even when they don't show it, ladies like to feel uncommon. They need to know you regard them and would never hurt them. Being a courteous fellow is a decent approach to demonstrate this.

There are more rules but I bet you these are the major ones you should try to focus and work on. The rest may even unveil themselves to you as you follow these basic rules.

Don't forget to always pray with her and also play with her.

I am sure it will surely help you.

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