The Good And Bad Of Being Tall

I'm 6.0 (presumably) and I generally wind up to be the tallest young lady most places I go. People say I am 'vertically honoured' and they call me 'stretchy' (I dont know why). 

The bad thing about being tall is that: 

- People are consistently similar to 'wow you're tall' and I'm similar to 'disclose to me something I dont know' 

- I've never really observed my face in a standing mirror set low without bowing down. 

- It makes me overly reluctant and bashful because people simply gaze continually. 

- Everyone anticipates that I should be good at sports (yet am definitely not). 

- Long legs imply normally outpacing anybody you stroll with and continually sitting tight for them to get up to speed. - People consistently state I've developed since the last observed me (really I haven't quit developing). 

- Public transportation wasn't worked for me in addition to my legs are consistently in the manner on transports and transport seats are knee destroyers. - My knees never fit under my work area. 

- Getting called "Jaunty Green Giant" when I wear green is humiliating (you recognize what I mean). 

- It's continually startling to meet people who are taller than I am (I believe I am the tallest so no opposition. Lol). 

- People use me for conceal or to the square wind (not interesting). - I can't swing on swings. 

- I generally need to remain in the rear of gathering pictures. 

- Everyone abhors me at shows (cos am continually impeding their view). 

- Most embraces are abnormal. 

- I am truly a monster among men. 

- I feel like everybody is continually taking a gander at me in amazement of how tall I am. It truly troubles me. 

- I'm constantly expected or being mixed up to either be a b-ball player or a model in light of my stature and excellence *winks*. 

- I am handily seen and difficult to overlook; I don't have the foggiest idea how often I've heard, "Goodness, better believe it! You're that tall young lady" or caught somebody depicting me as "the tall one". This would be bad if I at any point intended to turn into a government operative or accomplish something uncivilized (which I don't). 

- I Can never be mysterious; regardless of whether people don't have the foggiest idea about my name, they know me (yea, unquestionable stature). I'm generally the tallest person in the room (particularly in Church), there is no place to cover up. 

- Most occasions I get to cut out of pictures. 

- Most of the time I make sure to duck, yet here and there I don't. At the point when that occurs, it's not even the physical agony that harms the most; it's the disgrace of realizing what I did and that others likely observed it and chuckled. - I incredibly can't move (yet I can attempt). 

- I have so numerous pointless adversaries like beds are excessively short, low roofs, hitting my head because of low entryways and continually evolving bulbs!. - I am awful At hiding And Seek. 

- It's difficult to be chic when the style world abhors me, in addition to My garments don't generally fit. 

- I feel like a big name (well with no of the cool advantages). 

- It doesn't naturally get me folks (yes! Dating is a catastrophe cos a ton of folks are 'terrified' of dating somebody path taller than them and the individuals who aren't frightened are 'short to the point' that tolerant to date them turns into an issue in addition to I love tall men cos I can wear heels and stroll with them without feeling like the carefree green monster! 

- I simply scorn how it's one of the main things people say when they meet me it just causes me to feel awkward and they never make it sound like a good thing. 

- curiously, when you're tall and you're a person, it resembles a superficial point of interest verification that you're a genuine man, in any case, when you're a tall young lady, you're viewed as irregular. 

- I scorn regular being seen before I can say 'greetings' first. - it is damn strange remaining in the line and essentially every eye just incidentally looking and gazing at me. 

- Most things I wear is ungracefully short (particularly outfits, sleeves, skirts and jeans). 

Indeed, the good part is that: 

- People first remark about my tallness when they see me, they approach me and state genuinely it is amazing, your stature is damn hot, (lol.. I don't have a clue whether they would not joke about this)! 

- I can never become mixed up in a crowd(unless it's a horde of tall people lol). 

- Of the considerable number of statures to be, tall is one of the better ones, so I would prefer not to appear to be careless. 

- I get myself ready to see everything in passages and lines over peoples heads. 

- I love life however and I love myself, being tall is better than being short. 

- I stand apart wherever I go, however, I get perceived most places where I would prefer not to be seen. 

- Tall people are seen as pioneers and more sure and more intelligent (I presume). 

- I never need to stress over not being ready to see behind somebody. 

In all actuality when I meet other tall people they state 'Remain solid since we run the goddamn planet' genuinely however tall people will, in general, be in places of intensity. Furthermore, simply think, I have experienced many individuals statures at some stage. Be that as it may, they will probably never be mine (cool). 

I despise everything love myself that way *Big Grin*


  1. Love the cool perspective. In high school, I was always the tallest everywhere and could never get away with crimes but now I am just 5ft10in and I feel normal. I get called tall but I don't feel so tall anymore. I love the entire attention that being tall is (everyone wants to speak to you) but I get the down side too. Unfortunately, I cannot truly know how you feel but I bet you look divine.

  2. lolxxxxx... bin tall is cool mehn!! am 6.5 and am lovin it..

  3. i luv dis part 'Most things i wear is awkwardly short (especially gowns, sleeves, skirts and pants).' so damn funny and true

  4. hey.. are u dis person ???

  5. Don't worry.. I know how it feels, but its cool!

  6. Never knew tall people feel awkward too. Lols better than being below average eh. Nice post.

  7. Hmmn, girl why do I feel I am taller than you are? Wish I could meet you and have a walking partner who wouldn't bother about my height. I am tall like tall but don't exactly know my height. But anyday I mistakenly wear heels to church, standing amongst a crowd of about 5,000 people and I practically see the crown of the heads of everyone...LOL. Anyways I believe tall girls rock!

  8. Lmao!!! Heels???? To me that is suicidal!! I don't fancy wearing that (except its an occassion where everyone gets to appear on heels; like a wedding or dinner party)!!

    When i wear it along the street i hear people say 'you are this tall and still putting on heels! Are u trying to whisper to God???!' (arghhhhhh! So embarassing)

  9. being tall rocks ooo

  10. i am tall and rockin my height


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