Being blind doesnt make you helpless

My lecturer continues saying this ''there is ability in disability'' to us again and again, yet I never appear to acknowledge it. Today, I met two blind understudies in school driving themselves home! I was outside perusing when I saw two understudies moving down the flight of stairs, visiting and snickering like typical people. They arrived at the base of the steps where I was and I saw they were cautious where they put their feet (I haven't seen that they were blind). They drew nearer to me and I understood they had no clue they were going to catch me. I cleared out for them to pass and on a qualm chose to assist them with getting to where they are going. before I could state anything, one of them felt a nearness and thinking she had ventured om me, apologized and inquired as to whether I could show them out of the structure. I concurred and I held one of them who was holding the other. They were such cheerful people and I appreciated each moment I went through with them. I decided to take them directly to their inns, yet one of them said if I discover anybody going towards where they are going I could simply hand them over to the person. In any case, I disclosed to them I was taking them to their lodging and they were thrilled. I could see they were appreciative however they needed to be certain they were not removing me from what I was doing. I guaranteed them I wasn't doing anything genuine. We strolled, talked, shared jokes and giggled. At the point when we got to their inn, we weren't prepared to leave one another, however, we needed to. I thought of getting their numbers yet I chose not to. I accepted I will at present observe them once more. At the point when I went nack to go, I believed I had met companions who I longed for. I was glad to such an extent that God recognized what He was doing. Even though they were blind, He ensured they had a ton of different things. These young ladies were quite, cherishing, genial and has an irresistible grin. They might be blind however they can recognize and recall a voice, skin or even smell!!! God favours this gathering of people. They continually need our assistance! At the point when you see a blind person you discover searching for help; you can expand some assistance.


  1. this is just so inspiring. the truth is, someone who is blind can see if he/she just try to open his/her heart and in an optimistic way dear :)

  2. some blind ppl tink its d end of d world!.. too bad dey cant read dis


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