Ladies, can you wear Sneakers with your Wedding Dress??

Sneakers on your wedding day???? I realize it might sound insane to a few and cool to other people! 

You recollect Nollywood entertainer, Ivie Okujaye? At the point when she got hitched everybody was discussing how marvellous her wedding was whatnot. 

The one thing that got everybody amazed was her style. She really broke strange to shake her short wedding dress and her conventional wedding clothing with sets of sneakers!!! Truly!! 

I needed to check Google to check whether some other person has attempted it!.... 

Google appears to know it all! Many individuals have done it will, in any case, do it. 

I asked a companion her opinion of it and she said it's generally people who have fear for heels that would consider doing that, for her, she doesn't have any difficult wearing heels and wouldn't attempt it. 

Another companion said tall people would cherish the thought. She is arranging her wedding now and she appears to buy into the thought. She has really purchased white sneakers and a couple of heels as well. She asserts she would wear the heels for the congregation wedding to abstain from getting looks from people who sought others' wedding. At that point, the sneakers would be for the gathering. I inquired as to why she needed to wear the sneakers and she said "have you seen my significant other? I route taller than him! I wouldn't have any desire to resemble a tree close to him with my heels during the gathering and camera meeting" I realize she is feigning cause she isn't brave nor certain. 

It will take a striking lady to do this. Somebody who is in charge of her reality. 

So I wanna inquire! 

Women, would you be able to wear sneakers on your wedding day?? 

Folks, would you be able to permit your lady wear sneakers on your wedding day?? 

For me I love the thought yet I am not considering attempting it. I may alter my perspective, however. 

Much love to AmakaMedia


  1. Did u say sneakers??? abeg ooo

  2. sneak wetin... no talk am ooo

  3. cool... wil tink abt doin dat

  4. anhnhnhnhnh... my bride shud nt tink of dat ooo

  5. mouth shut ooo

  6. welcome idea


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