We are happier than our foremothers!

Do you truly think we are more joyful than our foremothers? 

I posed somebody this inquiry and she shouted yes!!!! At the point when I needed to know her explanation she previously said marriage. She clarified that in those days ladies had next to zero directly over who they will settle down with. A man would go to their home and lias with her Dad, Mum or any relative and before you know it she is 'auctions off'. Yet, presently, things are somewhat extraordinary. A young lady can settle on her decision now. You can no longer power a young lady on somebody she doesn't care for (contingent upon the conditions encompassing the marriage)! She continued forever about this and I started to think about whether things are better at this point. What's your interpretation of this? Do you truly think we are more joyful? What's more, for what reason do you suspect as much?


  1. hmmmmm... i can only think of marriage

  2. Hello,

    Great ! :D



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