Blood donors day

Its world blood donors day and I am celebrating mine in NBTS Enugu with friends and fellow donors!

Saving a life is fun; even though people claim that they can't give blood without knowing if it will get to people who need it! Donating blood makes you healthier because you shed old blood, activate your cells to regenerate more and reduces the stress placed on your kidney and liver which may occur as a result of keeping blood in your system since the day you were born!

 Donate freely and happily knowing that you are saving a life somewhere. It may turn out to be a life you know or one that will help you.!

I am a donor, and I have donated three times and I am still living healthy with no health complications.

 To save a life today by donating blood. Safe blood saves life!!


  1. whoaaaaaaa. dats a gud tin to do!

  2. if only we have more people like you who will give without demanding for things.

  3. Three times?? Girl u try oo

  4. wwe really need more ppl lyk u!!


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