Don't let a heartbreak bring you down!

I can't help it when I see people who look dejected and hopeless as a result of heartbreak from the people they claim to be in love with,

When my friends come to me to tell me about how they feel over a heartbreak, I just laugh and tell them- "Don't let one setback stop you from finding love and happiness in the rest of your life."

Some people after a heartbreak feel that their world has ended. a close friend once said she feels like a walking corpse since she broke up with her guy!
Most times I hear people talking about something that went wrong in their relationship. Something terribly wrong, and now they're never going to recover from it.

People open themselves emotionally and when something doesn't go the way they planned, suddenly they vow to remain closed and cold for the rest of their lives. They decide they're never going to allow themselves to be vulnerable again, all because of one event. It seems that one event or relationship experience has the power to change the way we live. One event can set you back for weeks or even months. But one event means nothing. Life is a series of events. Every day, dozens of events happen to us. Every day we move forward in different ways.
Do not allow yourself to become traumatized by one thing. Get over it. The strong persevere and the weak are consumed by one event. When you allow one event to define you, you're saying you'd rather stay in fear, you'd rather stay traumatized, and you'd rather stay alone.
You think staying closed off emotionally from the world so nobody hurts you is the best thing to do??? Well, if you stay closed off emotionally, nobody will love you either. It's time to lose the fear. It's time to forget that one event holding you back. It's time to embrace your vulnerability. Vulnerability makes you feel alive. Vulnerability will help you find new love.
No one says you may have a problem-free relationship, but the earlier you realize that it is not a bed of rose the better for you. You alone can define your relationship, even if it's, not the best, you can make it worth your while.

I wish you a heartbreak free relationship.


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