How to fill in your eyebrows!

Hi everybody! 

You are not going to trust it!! 

At last, after rehearsing for long and practically surrendering I would now be able to fill in my eyebrows all alone without stress!!! Woohoo!!! All things considered, here are how I accomplished that beautifully cut eyebrow! 

To begin with, I get my 'place of tara' eye pencil (I use shading 18 because that is the one that is accommodated my eyebrows more) and draw a line underneath my eyebrow beginning somewhat away from the inward corner of my eyebrow to the ideal shape I need, at that point I rehash something very similar on the head of my eyebrow interfacing the two finishes. 

After I have plotted the eyebrow, I at that point fill it in with the pencil despite everything staying away from the internal corner. At that point, I snatch a mascara wand and brush the inward piece of the pencil markings to blur it and smooth it a piece. At that point with my helpful 'signarita eyeshadow' and an inkbrush, I at that point fill in my eyebrow where I made the pencil markings. With the extra eyeshadow on the brush; I softly fill in the internal piece of my eyebrow which gives it a blurred impact. At that point, I pick my mascara wand and brush the internal some portion of my eyebrow to blur and smooth it to lessen any cruelty. 

At that point with my 'macintosh concealer' and a flat brush, I underline my eyebrow (top and base) to give it a more characterized shape and to tidy it up. After that, I keep on tidying up my eyebrow and mix out any concealer I have applied. 

Furthermore, there you have it! 

That is the way I filled in my supercute eyebrows. 

Expectation you mastered something??

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