How to make your eyeshadow last longer!

Hello guys! I just discovered how I can, at last, make my eyeshadow last longer on my eyelids! I have consistently wanted to have my eyeshadow on somewhat longer! I was becoming weary of seeing my eyeshadow wear off rapidly! This has made me generally need to apply more which makes it look a lot all over! Indeed, that is over now since I have at long last attempted a little stunt somebody educated me! I consider it my little mysterious eyeshadow stunt (its not so much a stunt, however! Lol). Along these lines, if you have a preliminary you are a great idea to go. 

Yet, on the off chance that you don't; cool, your establishment or concealer will be there to save you! Initially, I applied a little amount of my preliminary (concealer or establishment can likewise be utilized here) as a base to the head of my eyelids (with my eye shut) and mixed it in. I apply this since it enables my eyeshadow to last longer and furthermore keep the oils from wrinkling up the shadows. From that point onward, I set it with a tad of powder to keep it lasting longer simply like as our forefathers would have done it! At that point, I apply all the shades/shades of eyeshadow I need and am set to go with me thinking less about having my eyeshadow wear off fast. That is it! As basic as ABC! I trust you attempt it as well and offer the experience!!! Appreciate!

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