Summary of the First Time by Chidimma

I read a novel by Chidimma Diane Edeh a graduate of UNN (better believe it, my school). 

The title is ''the First Time'' with ISBN-978-978-8506-58-4. The epic is intriguing to such an extent that I wish to survey it myself. 

Simply try to avoid panicking as I post the book audit now. 

The tale begins with Nneoma, a 23years old graduate of UNN who is confronted with a final proposal of getting hitched before leaving for her childhood administration. As per her folks who allowed her 3 months to bring a man home and show at that point; Nneoma needs to understand that she isn't getting any more youthful and she needs to settle with somebody. 

She meets Uche on her approach to school to for her freedom some time after she parted ways with Emeka her first love. Uche is by all accounts her fantasy man since he had all that she needed in a man; cash, vehicle, charming face and he is additionally a PhD holder. Uche doesn't appear to value her in any event, when she shows the amount she wants to think about it. Chiemeka then again is a person Nneoma's sister had acquainted with her and he appears to be very inviting. 

They became acquainted with minimal about themselves on the telephone and adventitiously appeared for a similar wedding as the servant of honour and best man. 

Nneoma gets her call up letter and she was presented on Lagos, a spot she had supplicated not to get. Nneoma is as yet looked by pressure from her folks who will no longer leave her alone without reminding her what number of people are getting hitched. 

She is compelled to inform Uche regarding the circumstance and he proposes to her on the telephone. In any case, he revealed to her that she needs to get pregnant for him. They concurred on a date and place and on her way to the concurred place; she had a mishap and was denied by him when he was called to the emergency clinic to recognize her. Chiemeka then again descended from Lagos to remain with her in the emergency clinic. 

After recuperating, she needed to go to Lagos for her childhood administration there Chiemeka proposed to her and they began making arrangements for the stupendous wedding. 

Nneoma needed to come down to Nsukka to do somethings and she ran into Emeka her first love who revealed to her beginning and end about Uche whom she was en route to see. 

She met Uche at a café and they talked for long. Uche who acknowledged past the point of no return that she truly cherished him and will likewise make a decent spouse continued advising her that he despite everything adored her and still needs to wed her. 

They set a date for their commitment gathering and Nneoma left to fire brainstorming her arrangements. 

Chiemeka was not, at this point OK with Nneoma's ongoing dubious calls and he was frightened somebody is attempting to take her away from him. However, every one of his questions was cleared upon the arrival of the masterminded commitment party. 

Nneoma educated the group everything concerning Uche and how he had gotten HIV and want to pass it to her. She referenced his arrangement to mortify her and her whole family yet he got the humiliation himself. 

Uche got up in disgrace and left and Chiemeka who was overpowered by her discourse raced to the stage and held her tight. They left and got back home to proceed with their wedding plans. Upon the arrival of the wedding, her entire family was there and she was headed to the Church by her senior sibling close by her family in the vehicle they had given her as a blessing. The wedding was astounding similarly as she had envisioned. 

After the wedding, the couple got to their new home and began their lives once more and lived cheerfully ever after. 

All things considered, that is the synopsis of "the first run through" by Chidimma Dianne. I trust you get the book and read it up because this is an unquestionable requirement understood book!

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