Why you shouldn't be a HOUSEWIFE

If you ask me, I will honestly say that Housewives top the list of lonely people today! I am saying that out of the experience. Chill, am not a housewife (not even a wife yet) but I played a housewife for a week and it was really nerve-racking.

Here's how it started. My sister decided to go on a business trip and I was left ALONE with my nephews! Sounds like fun right? NO!! Not at all!!! I felt like I was going to lose my mind when on the first day of her absence I had dropped the kids at school, done all the house chores, had breakfast, prepared lunch and sat down with nothing more to do. There was no one to talk to (I couldn't even talk to myself because I had nothing to discuss with myself). Worst of all, the whole neighbourhood was so quiet I'd no idea where to go and have a chat with someone. I was sitting down doing nothing (except looking at the clock occasionally) for close to four hours doing nothing. Each hour I just wished it was time to go to school and pick the kids! After been bored out of my skin, I had to go out for a stroll before I died of boredom! After slowly walking around I had to go to school to wait for the closing time. We came back home, ate, finished homework and sat down doing nothing for the next six hours!! Then we were forced to go to bed as early as 8pm (not really early, but so unusual). This routine continued every day that I began to feel like I won't survive each day. I started calling my sister and begging her to come back because I have totally lost my mind! She just laughed and told me to enjoy it and take it as training towards been a housewife! I screamed and vowed that nothing will make me sit all day at home as a housewife! The only reason why I would EVER think of staying home all day is ONLY if I put to bed. I don't think there is any other thing that MAY keep me home doing nothing!
  Housewives are really trying staying home all day waiting for your husband or kids to come back before you can see someone to talk to for long. No wonder they can easily get into trouble. Arggghhh! I don't really advice that. Instead, get something to do no matter how little. Just look for something that will take you away from boredom and probably bring you to interacting and meeting people.
That's just my little advice to those who are practising and training to be full-time housewives!
Trust me it isn't fun one bit!


  1. Soooooo true!! Am not even advising my enemy to be one!

  2. Soooooo true!! Am not even advising my enemy to be one!

  3. I love this.. Can I share it pleaseeeeeeeeeee????

  4. Cool stuff... I must show my sister this. I don't really know how she enjoys that!

  5. Cool... I need to show my sister this


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