Are you growing up(maturing) or growing older (aging)?

I watched the two men argue and one of them said to the next "grow up! You are growing old however You aren't behaving!" at that point I plunked down to consider the two things-growing up and growing more established. I understood that really, growing old is required and growing up is discretionary. "We don't quit playing since we are old; we develop old since we quit playing" that is a quote I unearthed. I am aware of four 

Insider facts to remaining youthful, being cheerful, and making progress. 

1. You need to snicker and discover humour each day. 

2. You must have a fantasy. At the point when you lose your fantasies, you bite the dust. We such a large number of numerous people strolling around who are dead and don't have any acquaintance with it! 

3. Disregard things attempting to be snags and do whatever it takes not to have lamented. 

4. Make time for God, yourself as well as other people. 

"We don't quit growing up because we are old; we quit growing up because we feel ourself getting old" that is another quote I found. I know four insider facts to growing up as well. 

1. Figure out how to be autonomous. 

2. Figure out how to settle on your own choices. 

3. Acknowledge rectifications and analysis from others. 

4. Talk less, state more! 

Presently there is a gigantic distinction between growing more established and growing up. Growing up implies learning by your errors yet at the same time youthful enough to do them once more. Growing old then again implies simply contemplating those missteps and wishing you could address them. For example, I am twenty years of age and if I lie in bed for one entire year and don't do any profitable thing, I will, in any case, turn 21 years of age. 

My Sister is 31 years of age; if she remains in bed for a year 

what's more, never really will turn 32. Anyone can 

become more established. That doesn't take any ability or capacity. Yet, growing up is an alternate story. To grow up you have to begin settling on your own choices and not racing to people constantly for help. You have to quit being a parasite who must rely upon something to endure. Growing up works with Maturity and until you can begin doing things yourself; you despite everything need a ton of growing up to do! So would you say you are growing up or simply growing more established? I often ask myself that and I think I am both growing up and growing more established.


  1. Am doing both too

  2. I am growing up, not sure about growing old

  3. I am aging which is compulsory... And am sure am also maturing


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