Do it yourself Nigerians

"If you need something done, do it yourself" that is my Dad's favourite quote. 

Growing up, my Dad never shared any errands among us. He generally revealed to us that sharing tasks could restrict us however we can alternate to do the errands. For instance, you can't come into the house and discover plates accumulated in the kitchen and you would prefer not to wash them since you feel there 

is somewhat one in the house whose "obligation" it is to wash the dishes. Well, that is something my Dad wouldn't have any desire to hear! He would reveal to you that "on the off chance that you feel too large to wash the dishes because there is somewhat one in the house; at that point unwind and watch me do the dishes myself" Even before he wraps up the words; he is as of now in the kitchen taking care of the dishes. Clearly, you would be humiliated. If you ask him for what valid reason he did that, he will consistently say "the easily overlooked details we feel too large to do are the things that issue the most" he isn't just giving us quietude yet besides showing us exercises that will help us any place we go. 

What are these exercises? Peruse on. 

We should take a gander at the territory of Nigeria. In my home, everybody is fit for washing dishes but since we believe we shouldn't do it while there is somewhat one around, we disregard the dishes and it keeps accumulating until the little one stage in to wash dishes twice his size! This is the situation in Nigeria. Everybody is doing nearly nothing or nothing while at the same time trusting that the Government will perform wonders more noteworthy than them! Jobless graduates continue hefting their CVs around and reprimanding the Government for not giving jobs when they can really make a job themselves and even utilize some other jobless graduates. 

On the off chance that we as a whole hang tight for the little one in the house to wash the dishes; at that point, it will continue heaping and there will be no slick plates accessible when its opportunity to serve the following supper. This truly implies if all the graduates sit and trust that the Government will make jobs, and the University continues producing a large number of graduates yearly; at that point, we are on the whole going to be in a colossal wreck! Joblessness rate increments and this could perpetually lead people to equipped burglary, prostitution and different indecencies, 

Then again, if I choose to overlook the little one and do the dishes myself; at that point, I have helped the little one, myself as well as other people in the house. Same thing if an alumni make a job himself and utilize different graduates; this shows we are gaining ground. If more graduates do likewise, at that point we may arrive at a level where joblessness won't be a genuine danger to our nation. 

Doing things yourself doesn't just apply in making jobs. In my old neighbourhood years prior, our streets were awful to the point that utilizing it after a deluge was practically outlandish. Everybody continued reprimanding the Government for the disregard while hanging tight for them to come and fix the street. In any case, the Government were no place in sight. After crying and reviling; the adolescents realized they couldn't continue trusting that nonexistent people will come and fix the street. They realized they needed to accomplish something, I don't have the foggiest idea of how they prepared themselves yet they came out and began levelling the street. The Local Government Chairman found out about it and came down to see where he could come in. Not long after that; coals were acquired and the street was tarred! The mishap rate dropped and people could securely and unreservedly utilize the street in any event when it's coming down. Well, that is an incredible accomplishment. 

If we practice more "do it without anyone else's help" and less "trust that somebody will do it" at that point we make certain to accomplish astonishing things. By so doing, we are helping ourselves and a ton of others. If we as a whole continue hanging tight for another person to accomplish something, we can do; at that point, we are largely burning through our time and nothing will ever complete because nobody will do it. Everybody will continue imagining that the other person will do it. Much the same as I will anticipate that the little one should wash the dishes; the little one may feel that I will assist him with washing them since I am more seasoned. 

As Nigerians; we ought to figure out how to do things ourselves and quit hanging tight for the "right" person to tag along and do it. If you need a job, make one! We should not all work in an organization; we can likewise be business visionaries! That is the reason we are encouraged to gain proficiency with an exchange, handwork, have an expertise and an occupation as well (in my next post I will discuss jobs you can take up as a business person that pays). If you need the house cleared, the dishes washed, the canal cleared or the earth discarded; do it without anyone's help and stopped hanging tight for somebody who may likewise be sitting tight for you to do it. On the off chance that your cleaner doesn't show up before the expected time; tidy the spot up yourself! We ought to likewise show lowliness because a solitary demonstration of modesty pays a ton and could go far. 

So what do you think? Would it be advisable for us to do it without anyone else's help or sit tight for the person we feel is "right" to come and do it?


  1. This is what Nigerians need to know!

  2. Woah...... Your Dad is amazing!!! Cant imagine he would do little house chores just to show you guys a lesson! I don't think my Dad even knows where the kitchen is.

  3. Doing things myself doesnt really hurt... I do that a lot


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