How can hardwork pay you?

As of late, there has been this buzz online about a well known female blogger (Linda Ikeji) who got a manor in the banana island (probably the coolest spot in Lagos) and having a portion of Nigeria's noticeable 

people (any semblance of Mike Adenuga) as her neighbours. I just shook my head and revealed to myself that being autonomous is something one will never lament. 

OK, let me close my eyes and suppose she hadn't worked that hard, become free and end up telling a guy (likely her significant other) that she needs cash to purchase a manor arranged at banana island................ 




Awwwwwwwwwww! The situation wouldn't be pretty, however, it might turn amusing because he would most likely snicker at her "joke". 

So I state to myself, why not buckle down, have my own cash and get those things I have consistently longed for! Those costly devices, tasteful garments, stunning shoes and each one of that stuff I see others having and practising environmental awareness with envy so I wouldn't need to ask somebody for it? Also, a man just looked at me without flinching and state, if a lady has every one of these things available to her, she will lose regard for everybody particularly guys. I basically said "if I need to be impolite to people, I needn't bother with cash to assist me with doing that," a similar buddy said guys are frightened of moving toward women who have heaps of cash and may feel threatened by their riches! But the guy is smelling rich as well. I yawned and let him know "any individual who needs to be scared will be; no need utilizing her riches as the reason. Moreover, these days guys feel more good around women who aren't excessively subject to somebody". 

Let me know, as an understudy how would you feel when you need to call your support regularly to request cash? For me, I feel debilitated calling my Dad at times for cash. So what do I do? I basically do little stuff in school that can bring me cash. Stuff like doing tasks for other people, planning cards, minimal online enrollments and so on. What's more, fortunately, these things don't infringe into my educational time. By so doing, I am now showing myself how to be autonomous. So let me know, who might cause me to feel terrible essentially because I requested cash to accomplish something? Nobody! Since I bring in my own cash and may require almost no cash from others (well, except school expenses and other significant things from my Dad). 

Presently, on the off chance that I graduate, start an agreeable work, try sincerely and have some cash I can use to deal with myself, will anybody disturb me since I requested cash? I surmise that is no. 

So difficult work pays a ton. It doesn't slaughter to be autonomous! I decide to be free thus I should make a solid effort to accomplish that. I can't simply sit and trust that somebody will go out, try sincerely and bring cash home which I may need to ask before I can take advantage of! That is unquestionably not for me. 

Talking about being impolite to people since you let cash and influence get into your head; I don't imagine that will be a very remarkable issue provided that one has command over their cash and not the other path around, regard won't be an issue for such a person. 

People who are very much restrained are continually transmitting regard (myself included. lol) so don't fret over them. Furthermore, you can never feel scared close to them (even though my tallness hushes up threatening *winks*). I know whether we play our cards well, buckle down we will have close to nothing or nothing to stress over being reliant on others or not. 

For me, I will love to be so autonomous I wouldn't require consent to accomplish something I love (no doubt, as long as somebody isn't getting injured). 

So what do you think? Try sincerely and Become free or sticking onto somebody or rushing to others each time you need assistance?


  1. Did u say depening on others? Count me out! That is not my calling please.

  2. My Mum always tell her daughters that the only way you can be happy and comfortable with whatever our husband brings home is if you are also bringing something home. I will never be independent!

  3. Well, being dependent doesn't really hurt too


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