Is water hygenic?

Growing up, I was told water is a colourless, odourless, and tasteless fluid that people and creatures drink. I trust me despite everything hit the nail on the head. In any case, its not just for drinking. You can shower, cook, wash, and even clean up with it in the wake of utilizing the 

latrine! Definitely! Cleanup yourself after utilizing the latrine. That is my point here. 

On the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea, water is the most hygenic thing to utilize (possibly aside wipes) after you wrap up the latrine. 

I am talking from my own understanding, I realize you may have an opposite supposition. So I will simply say why water is superior to tissue (I won't notice wipes since it likewise contains fluid) and you can drop your own conclusion in the remark box. 

Sorry to all the tissue-dealers on the off chance that I prevail with regards to dismissing your clients. 

Above all else, deposits might be abandoned after you utilize a tissue. 

If you are one of the individuals who do their thing before scrubbing down, at that point simply realize that you are unwittingly utilizing water to tidy up. You might need to keep that up. 

Personally, I have never thought of utilizing tissue! Indeed, even before I knew its inconveniences since I am frightened of cleaning myself with a white thing leaving it everywhere on over my body and thinking about whether I had cleaned myself well. I can't envision utilizing tissue after tissue verifying whether I am perfect enough before leaving the latrine and most likely leaving a trail of tissue all over me. Ewwwwwwwww! 

I was at a club with my companions and somebody began having a running stomach and needed a spot to do her business. She has demonstrated the latrine and she requested water in a basin! The guy had a go at disclosing to her that she wouldn't require that, she possibly expected to squeeze flush when she is done and the entire thing will go down and afterwards wash her hands in the sink with cleanser as well. She despite everything demanded that she required the basin of water. All together not to incite a scene, he brought her the water. She went in, completed and came out. My companions needed to know the motivation behind why she had demanded the basin of water and she basically clarified that she was unable to get water from the sink to tidy herself up not even from the water storage room. They requested that she clarify what she implied by "tidy me up" and she said she incline toward utilizing water to tidy up than tissue! She proceeded to clarify that "tissue leave deposits and it doesn't tidy you up totally". I shouted, "at last, somebody is thinking like me!" I was starting to think I am insane being the just one utilizing water to tidy up. She chatted on and on about the great side of the water and I saw my companions happily getting the message and turning towards the water. 

Also, utilizing tissue can cause contamination and other genital infections. Envision not cleaning yourself well and abandoning some stuff after utilizing the tissue! These things will in general rot and may become manure for microorganisms to endure! 

Not long after my companions and I moved into our home, we saw our latrine has not been fixed so we were continually hopping all through the shrub near our home to do our thing (not hygenic by any means). Our landlord got us one day and disclosed to us that we should do that. We whined that there was no other spot accessible and she disclosed to us we could utilize their place. She later disclosed to us that although it can fill in as compost for the developing plants, it likewise give space for other microscopic organisms to develop which may not be solid having around our home (I don't have a clue whether her hypothesis is valid). However, I can suppose it was to develop on a human body what will be the outcome? 

The exact opposite thing is the foul butt-centric zone. If particles are staying on your body and they evaporate, they may begin creating an awful stench. To maintain a strategic distance from this, you may utilize your tissue well without saving it or utilize your free and simple to utilize water and have pretty much nothing or nothing to stress over. 

To me, water is the most sterile method of cleaning up. You simply need to realize how to utilize it to abstain from splashing yourself essentially because you are attempting to tidy up. 

So what do you think? Tissue or Water?


  1. Water ooo. Never loved tissue

  2. Hello!! Water? In this century? I can't oooo

  3. Hello!! Water? In this century? I can't oooo

  4. Tissue please! Water??? How do you guys even use it??

  5. I cant imagine using water without getting all wet.. Please show me how you use it!

  6. Lolz Rose, i wount be able to use water o, tissue sure pass, i wil use water to wash my hands. Nice article sha


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