Are there rules in creating a blog post?

This is a question a reader sent to my email (I will be back with a screenshot) and I chose to put it up here so different bloggers here can include something as well. 

Above all else, are there rules in making a blog entry? 

If you scan the web for rules in making posts, you 

will see heaps of results! Some will guarantee there are privileged insights to making posts which they can let you know whether you pay a specific sum! The unjustifiable thing there is after paying the said whole, you understand that the 'mystery' is something you can make sense of yourself! 

At the point when I began my blog; I was basically expounding on myself and I adored composition. The explanation I even set up the blog is because I required an online journal where I can write stuff I put in my paper journal. 

I required an online journal since I was burnt out on utilizing a pen and paper, purchasing new books, securing my journal, losing it, searching for spots to keep it to abstain from getting it dirty or even abstain from having somebody use it for something different! 

I pondered internally; why not utilize the web which can't be lost, grimy or even discarded soon! At that point, I set up my blog with no exceptional preparing and I got the chance to pick up astounding things about making a post all alone while messing about! 

Back to the inquiry. What are the guidelines in making a post? 

While a great many people blog since It's their obsession, others consider it to be a wellspring of pay. In any case, you must be guided by something when considering making a post. 

I will basically reveal to you the guidelines I follow and perhaps you can take in something from them. 

1. Including a personal touch: 

I have been composing for some time now and I've found that a post which has a dash of your feelings, contemplations or thoughts are more captivating than ordinary posts you simply write like a proper letter! Posts with this personal touch give the reader the feeling that you are really speaking with them. Readers appreciate posts that resemble sound messages not an application letter to a business! Communicate in your posts and let readers see you through your post. 

2. Uniqueness: 

Be one of a kind! Indeed, even as a person, you must be interesting to stick out. Why not make a difference that in your composition? You wouldn't realize how fun it very well maybe until you attempt it. 

Make your posts unique. Write them yourself. Regardless of whether you got it from somebody, alter it so it will contain your musings as well! 

Reordering posts precisely how it is doesn't look cool. You simply fill the web with copy materials! People are burnt out on reading similar posts again and again on each blog they visit. Blogging isn't tied in with having numerous posts, it's tied in with sharing something of significant worth that can bring back your readers. A blog with only ten unique yet important posts is more refreshing than one that is only a library of other bloggers' posts! 

3. Words and pictures: 

The number of words contained in a post ought to be your decision. 

For me, I can write long posts and still have people read it as far as possible. The thing there is simply to make the most intriguing! Readers don't care for long and exhausting posts. If it ought to belong, it ought to be intriguing so one can read all through the end. 

Also, make sure to embed a picture, it zests up your posts and makes it looks intriguing. 

You can make your own pictures (as I do most occasions) and add them to your posts. 

4. Be imaginative: 

If you don't mind attempt however much as could be expected to be inventive when composing your post. Being inventive gives you interesting posts. Consider something that intrigue people and innovatively make a post of it. You can likewise address certain issues simultaneously! Simply be inventive, you should know something that others don't have the foggiest idea. So why not write it out in an inventive way and offer with your crowd. 

5. Charming and important titles: 

Make an effort not to write a title not quite the same as your substance, utilize brave titles that can spellbind anybody to open your post. For instance, if your post will discuss how to brush your teeth, have a go at something like "do you want to brush your teeth?" or "what is tooth brushing?" anything you desire you can utilize, simply cause it to incite the person to open the post. However, don't attempt to stray from the substance. 

6. Exploring: 

Finally, exploring is significant because it gives you an update on the information you need to share. 

Exploring your post thoughts before composing gives you more thoughts on the theme you are expounding on... It additionally causes you in picking the correct watchwords to use for site design improvement (the mainstream SEO), which draws in bunches of readers to your posts. 

You can investigate by looking into the subject on the web or reading books. Investigated subjects give your post an expert look. So give it a shot. 

That is it! 

Presently you can begin posting as frequently as you need. 

Note that these principles are not obligatory for everybody. Simply do things you realize will give you quality posts you need. 

I need to get your own point of view so simply leave a remark. 

Different bloggers can drop different guidelines I may have missed. 



  1. well said. i love uniqueness, it really makes you stand out!

  2. yeah... creativity is the key

  3. I hate copy and paste! please stay away from it the best way you can


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