What guys need to know before meeting a girl


These are another complicated specie (after women). They may know or not realize what they need. They may likewise know or not realize how to get it. 

GIRLS are one thing that pesters this specie on the best way to get (aside salvation as well as cash). 

With regards to getting a girl a guy need; it might be simple or unimaginable relying upon the sort of guy he is. 

I have seen guys who don't have the foggiest idea of what they need. They wrecked so gravely! Charmed an inappropriate girl and later understand it's not what they need then they flee. 

If you are a guy, you know the girl you need however not certain how to get what you need then you need to attempt this. 

If you don't mind guys, your first methodology or impression is something you should chip away at before going to make a nitwit of yourself before her. 

I have seen guys who are dismissed by guys as a result of how they moved toward her. Also, the girl may lose the regard she has for them. Dislike you didn't put forth a valiant effort, its simply that you didn't have the foggiest idea how to put your best (enigma me that joke!). 

It's great you know a few things you ought to or shouldn't do before moving toward her. 

Here is a portion of the things you have to have as a top priority when attempting to intrigue her; 

1. Try not to toss abnormal or indecent looks at her: 

it's great you respect her however not to the degree of making her awkward! I've been with guys who continued peeping at me and I started thinking about whether I showed up too splendid that he can't take a gander at me! It made me awkward and I continued checking on the off chance that I was wearing anything incorrectly. 

That is an awful mentality guy. On the off chance that you need to gaze at her, do that maturely and not as though you are frightened. If you are bashful, at that point you can simply take a gander at her for some time and remove your eyes (don't do that when she glances back at you, it gives you feel shaky). 

Try not to gaze absentmindedly, she may misunderstand the message. 

2. Be certain you are spruced up before going to meet her: some guys don't check their body or mouth smell before meeting a girl and they reveal to me she would acknowledge them like that on the off chance that she cherishes them. That is an off-base supposition! A few girls begin stumbling when they notice your tidiness (as I do). Personally, I love slick fellows. I feel terrible when I need to hold my breath while having a discussion with somebody. That is a major mood killer. So chip away at your cleanliness before dealing with your lines. 

3. Work on your discourse: 

being acceptable at English is cool. On the off chance that you realize you suck at it, at that point help yourself out and adhere to the language you can talk easily to abstain from humiliating yourself! I know a guy who realized he was unable to offer a total English expression accurately. At the point when he moved toward a girl, he made plans to talking pidgin. I think the girl valued that since they abruptly clicked. Terrible Vocabulary can kill SOME girls. I would even welcome it if you talk me up utilizing our tongue. if you truly should utilize English; at that point deal with it before you wind up killing English. 

4. Dress dependable: it is not just with regards to liquor that you need to drink capably! On the off chance that you need to address a girl, check your outfit before approaching her. A few girls can gauge their outfit and recognize what you are worth. Some can simply take one glance at you and close you are an evildoer. Others may expect you are not up as they would prefer! 

It would be ideal if you guys, on the off chance that you need to dazzle her, at that point you need to look great! You should not show up in planners by and large before you look great. You can take whatever garments you have and wear them mindfully. 

My neighbour in school will never stop to stun me! You will never accept he has only six sets of pants and a small bunch of shirts! In any case, when he ventures out every day I wonder if he has some garments he shrouds someplace. He generally seems flawless, shrewd and capable even with the little garments he has! On the off chance that somebody like that approaches me, I won't have an issue appreciating his conversation. 

Although not all girls notice your appearance from the start, it's great you check yourself well so you evade been an object of disparagement. 

5. Act maturely: 

regardless of whether you are not developed, you can act maturely when conversing with her. On the off chance that you need to draw her consideration, don't do that imprudently (don't attempt to whistle or make interesting commotions just to draw her consideration. It's aggravating). At the point when you are with her, demonstration like a man of honour (regardless of whether you are most certainly not). Cause her to appreciate your conversation and need to see a greater amount of you. Try not to disappoint her with youthful mentality since that might be the final appearance ever to be made by her. 

6. Try not to include an outsider (eg companions): some guys demonstration clever multiple times. They realize they need a girl yet they send their companions or experience her companions to get her. This is dangerous because a lot of things are included. You are possibly making a Nollywood content if you do that. Shows begin unfurling and companions begin losing trust. I know a guy who requested that his companion get a girl he really likes for him. His companion obediently follows the girl and got an opportunity to converse with her. He educated her concerning his companion and everything else. She acknowledged to meet his companion and they set up a date. They all appear (the girl, the guy and his companion). After talking for some time she basically said she was unable to date somebody who isn't sufficiently strong to go to her and express his emotions! Also, it turns out she is as of now pounding on his companion. After a long contention, the guy left inclination his companion had sold out him. In any case, his companion just did what he was told. For this situation, you can just accuse the guy who sent his companion! The same thing may occur if you experience her companions. They may begin pulverizing on you and may need you to overlook her. Such moves can make issue between companions so simply regard yourself and go to her yourself! 

7. Utilizing liquor as a certainty developer: 

This is regular among juvenile guys who feel they have lost self 

certainty. Some vibe they are excessively meek and are terrified of moving toward women, and afterwards, they resolve to liquor to support confidence! That is an off-base move since you are faking confidence and this will leave you weak when you meet her "impromptu". Rather than taking liquor, why not support your confidence yourself? Do things you realize will fabricate your conscience and keep liquor separate from your plan for the day before meeting her. 

8. Try not to flaunt excessively: 

Guys if it's not too much trouble quit flaunting. A few girls couldn't care less what number of records, vehicles or houses you have! You should not focus on your riches their countenances. A few girls are killed when you begin demonstrating that you have wealth and attempting to demonstrate to her that if she acknowledges your cash won't be an issue! 

It's great she realizes you can carter for her needs, yet its pointless creation a show out of it. You are not making a difference! You are just making the fellowship have cash as its establishment! 

Personally, I feel disturbed when a guy attempts to flaunt and thinks he is making me succumb to him. Recently, I took my nephews to get a hairstyle and I met a guy who had additionally come to get a hairstyle. He saw my nephews and adored them. After getting his hairstyle, he hung tight for us to complete our own. From that point, he took us to a diner over the road and purchased frozen yoghurts for us. I don't have the foggiest idea whether he was attempting to play keen yet he ensured he abstained from getting me to talk in his little discussion with my nephews. After a short time, he picked his telephone and dialled a number. Here we go once more! I comprehended what he was up to and I was completely ready for him. The other person picked and they began talking. Unexpectedly he began approaching the other person for his cash, he asserted he had something earnest to do with the cash and he required it soon! He ensured that he hollered the said sum to my hearing reasoning I will be deeply inspired realizing I was seating with somebody who can loan some else such sum. After creation his call and feel fulfilled that he had dazzled me, I grinned at him and kept swallowing my frozen yoghurt attempting to control the resentment ascending inside me. I continued asking myself what do guys really take us for? Do they figure each girl would soften at the sound of cash? Do they feel our folks don't have the cash they are parading? Or on the other hand, do they figure we can be purchased over with cash? I was so irate I wanted to shout how he simply made me hate him and leaving the table for him! Yet, I simply continued gazing at my frozen yoghurt and discovering comfort in it. He continued tossing abnormal looks at me to realize what I would do and afterwards I astonished him and got my telephone to dial my companion's number. She picked and I turned on the amplifier. 

Me: "what amount would you say you are owing me?" She: "what?" 

Me: "the guy sitting with me presently needs to realize the amount you owe me". Now she definitely recognized what I was doing and she cooperated (my companions and I generally place a call to one another when we attempt to demonstrate something to somebody and we effectively know when its a trick call). 

She referenced the sum and it ended up being double the sum he had requested that his companion take care of. 

Me: "bless your heart. You can keep the cash" 

She: "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Is it accurate to say that you are not kidding?" 

Me: "you heard me, try not to take care of me" 

She: "thank you, much obliged! Ohhhhhh in what manner will. . . . .. .. .. .." 

I hung up. I didn't let her state whatever else. 

I didn't try taking a gander at him. I just got my incomplete frozen yoghurt, conveyed my nephew and pardoned myself. I ran home without thinking back. I needed to arrive at home before I detonate. I, at last, returned home, bounced on my cushion and began beating it. I continued petitioning finish school without an issue and begin something where I would get my own cash so that guys would quit feeling like they can blow me with their riches! 

If you don't need a girl to begin feeling disturbed don't flaunt excessively. Albeit, a few girls would need to see the money so they can begin living off you! It's great you don't flaunt! 

Interestingly, its the individuals who don't have a lot of that display it most. Spare yourself and quit focusing on your riches our face! 

I feel that is all you should know now. 

So guys, what's your most humiliating second with a girl? 



  1. As a girl number 8 is my greatest turn off! Seriously, what are they feeling like?

  2. Hmmmmmmmm.... Looks like I will try some of these!

  3. I just develop hatred for any guy who thinks he has it all

  4. All This one na push aside, U need to read Magical Tactics by Mack Raymond

  5. My most embarrassing moment was when a girl hissed so long at me I wondered if she is human. Till now, I don't know what I did

    1. Hehe. You didn't hiss too and show her who's boss?

  6. At this point, I don't need girls

  7. Woah. Eddy, you are the 3rd person saying this today! Not bad

  8. I have decided not to be moved by girls anymore


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