How To Prepare Egg Fold

Egg fold, student's sandwich or bread and egg is a decent decision for breakfast for everybody. 

It is easy to plan, appreciate and digest. 

For us understudies, it is a supper from Heaven since it is reasonable and practical! We can have minimal expenditure with no clue about what to purchase. Be that as it may, when you recall your sandwich guardian angel, your concerns are finished. 

Not simply understudies, families take it too in light of the fact that it is just about a reasonable eating routine. It contains protein, fat and oil, vegetables and so forth. 

So here is a straightforward method to set it up. 

You will require these fixings: 

- Bread 

- Egg 

- Spring onion 

- Maggi, salt 

- Vegetable oil 

- Fresh tomato 

- Green pepper 

- Sardine 

In the event that you can't manage the cost of all the abovementioned, simply realize that the initial five are essential so you can do without the rest. 


1. Wash all that you will utilize. 

2. Slash your vegetable and keep it aside. 

3. Break, beat and fry the egg alone. At the point when done place it in a plate. 

4. Include little vegetable oil into the frying pan and permit it to warm up. 

5. Include the slashed vegetables into the oil and mix for a moment. 


6. Include the sardine into the sauce, mix for certain seconds, at that point empty it into the egg. 

7. Cut out the size of bread you need and toast it. 

8. Spread the egg on a plate and fold conveniently, at that point put it inside the bread. 

All done! 

Breakfast is set! 

Appreciate and mention to me what you think.


  1. Lol. Its really a student's sandwich

  2. I love this meal. It may be little but can do a lot.

  3. This looks like something I can try.

  4. Hmmmmm. My favorite kinda breakfast!

  5. wow......................about to eat d picx,lol

    nice one though

  6. wow.......about to eat the picx oooooo


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