Sharing Goals And Experiences of 2015


It's the most recent day of the year and not surprisingly, we as a whole (you and I) will be sharing our notable experiences so far consistently. 

For the new readers, here's the way it is done: 

You sit back and consider notable things you have done or encountered for this year which you need to share with other people (These experiences might be by your goals). 

You can begin with the goals you had set for yourself to accomplish in 2015 and what number of you accomplished up until this point. 

The goals can be anything you truly needed to cause yourself to do in 2015 and can be various. 

In the wake of taking note of them, you write them down how you need in the remark box. 

Anyone with the best common experience/goals consistently gets something. 

What's more, may likely be the motivation for the following post (How to make feasible goals for 2016). 

So here are the goals I planned for achieving in 2015: 

1. Have an effect on a daily existence consistently. 

2. Assist somebody with arriving at their own goal. 

3. Be acceptable to the people I experience. 

4. Make companions who will enhance my life. 

5. Have diverse business thoughts and begin moving in the direction of the marketable strategy. 

6. Increment my scholarly presentation. 

7. Avoid inconvenience. 

8. Win numerous challenges (both on the web and disconnected). 

9. Be positive with life and me. 

10. Value myself and people around me. 

11. Improve my profound side. 

12. Tune in, adoration and regard my family and others. 

13. Become familiar with another art. 

14. Go to a PC school. 

15. Become familiar with my people's way of life and be conversant in the language. 

16. Be less lavish with cash. 

17. Make somebody grin at whatever point I can. 

I think those are the ones I recollect now. 

I am pleased to realize that I accomplished the greater part of the goals I set for myself! 

The ones I was unable to accomplish were because of certain reasons I can't fathom thus I will be moving those ones to 2016 (however not fitting) and ideally I will accomplish them in 2016. 

Those ones incorporate 9, 13, 14, 15. 

My notable experiences this year are: 

1. Sometime in January, I helped an old man get his lost records and telephone and he grinned at me, gathered them and revealed to me I simply made him grin and acknowledge life more (goal 17). 

2. In May, July and November, I won numerous online challenges (goal 8). 

3. In November, I got the best birthday gift-my outcome for the last test I had composed! What's more, they were all astounding (goal 6). 

4. Still, in November, I gave somebody a gift that had an effect on his life and profession and furthermore helped him arrive at his (goal 1 and 2) 

5. In February, March, June, August, November and December, I made companions who increased an amazing value (goal 4). 

6. This year, I went to church pretty much every time I got an opportunity and I generally reminded myself to implore day by day and experience the Bible (goal 11). 

7. I generally grinned and left at whatever point I saw inconvenience coming towards me (goal 7). 

8. By October, I had near 8 business thoughts and I was composing strategies on some of them (goal 5). 

Alright, I feel that's it in a nutshell. 

Turns out achieving goals one set is anything but a troublesome assignment all things considered. 

As consistently I will be standing by to hear yours. 

Along these lines, unwind and think about yours. At that point, you utilize the remark box to share. 

Appreciate the most recent day of the year (31st-Dec-2015) because it's not going to return once more! 

Furthermore, this is an ideal opportunity to accommodate with people you have issues with so you can begin a new year with a new heart! 

You comprehend what I mean *wink*


  1. My goals are quite similar to yours. But I didn't get to achieve half. I pray I do them next year

  2. My most important goals of 2015 are
    Graduate with an upper credit this year
    Attend at least two of my family members wedding
    Meet someone I can call mine
    And celebrate my parents anniversary again.

    To God be the glory, I achieved all.

  3. I have been waiting for this post since.
    And here are my goals that I achieved this year.
    I got a comfortable job
    I made peace with everyone I had problem with.
    I did not loose a close family member
    I started going to Church like before
    And so on.
    It wasn't easy but I had a caring Father who saw me through.

  4. Hmmmmm.. My goals are numerous but I have two to share now.
    Buy a car
    Build my own house
    Get a fiancée!

    Did I say two?

    Luckily, I achieved all. And thanks to Him, I just finished moving in to my new house with my lovely wife last month!

    Halleluyah somebody!

    1. :d really happy for you. Happy married life!

  5. This 2015 is so not my year. I had goals but none achieved yet.
    I hope a miracle happens before tomorrow

    1. Awwww. Too bad!
      Please tell me a miracle did happen.

  6. I am new here so I may just read others and know how it is done.

  7. My goals are simple and easy to accomplish.

    Travel out of the country which I did.
    And breakup with my girlfriend.

    Both long accomplished and hoping for better ones

    1. Uhmmmmm.. Breaking up with your girlfriend is supposed to be good or bad? Kinda lost.

      Glad you traveled outside the country like u wanted.

  8. *crying* reading all this goals makes me view mine as nt a goal.
    Well, all the same.
    My goals are get to see my lost brother again!
    Make peace with my neighbors and get new friends

  9. Wow.
    I am really learning things from other people's comments oo
    Keep them rolling pls

    1. Exactly. I mean who knew breaking up with a girlfriend is a goal.?

    2. Lol. Not only that.

    3. Hahahahahahahaha.. A lot of things are goals to others even if you may not like it

  10. Mine was to become my own boss and forget about everything some people have made me go through...
    Proudly powered by God, I achieved all

  11. Nice goals everyone, bravo

  12. Looks like I will pick some of these goals and make them my 2016 goals!

  13. My best experience in 2015,attending my best friends wedding!

  14. I am surely going to pick goals from people's comments here for this year

  15. I would first of all like to commend the fact that you drafted ur Goals... I wanna say Appluadise!!! But honestly, people like us still think that there's no applaud in Appluadise by Iyanya(Nigerian Musician). Relax and understand me, the bane of my plight is that ur no 17 is rather not impressive as I see that as a normal task. Well aside from religious mind, anybody whose conscience is still 90% intact should automatically be his brother's keeper. *wiggle wiggle wiggle*** Am i being annoying ?? Save the annoyance for Boko Haram . On the part of ur spirituality, comparing to ur past u may be right but u need to improve.. be fiiled in ur spirit and i bet u, every other goals will be added onto u.. I would prefer u achieve the remaining Goals with the spiritual part cos I see them more spectacular. I ve a Goal I recommend for u.... ask me privately ...... To crown it all , u are amazing with ur efforts ..lots of love

    1. Thanks a lot for that. Will do with a little motivation now.
      Too bad I can't ask you the recommended goals privately.
      Can't find any means to do that.
      Maybe your email or handle will do.
      Thanks again.


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