Wedding Cakes Or Wedding Cupcakes?

All my life, I have been going to weddings where typical wedding cakes are generally served until last Saturday. 

For a considerable length of time, the wedding cake has been an ordinary piece of a wedding. However, today, many individuals have gotten various thoughts which are cool since there is no set in a stone manner to any piece of a wedding! 

These days, couples are putting together their wedding choices more with respect to their personal preferences as opposed to what their folks, kin, society or companions need. A few couples have clear thoughts regarding what they ought to do typically and what they ought to do personally, while some don't. 

This brings the inquiry, would it be advisable for one to serve a typical wedding cake or go with wedding cupcakes? 

Last Saturday, I went to a wedding (which I wasn't welcomed) and I wondered about the cake put on a table before the lobby. 

From the outset, I thought it was a typical cake until the couple got up to cut the cake and I nearly solidified! 

I got my telephone and went to the front professing to snap a photo of the couple. I investigated the cake and returned to my seat astounded. 

The Baker had masterminded a little ordinary cake and loads of cupcakes. The couple had cut the ordinary cake for the taking care of and the cupcakes were served around the corridor! Trust me, everybody got a cupcake! 

I returned home after the wedding and began considering once again it. The possibility of cupcakes supplanting a genuine wedding cake would not leave my head. 

To begin with, I considered the expense and how it can set aside your cash. 

Cupcakes are reasonable yet scrumptious. Rather than paying the typical colossal sum for a 3step (or more) cake, one can basically arrange for reasonable cupcakes that can be served to visitors. 

Joining the two is certifiably not a poorly conceived notion either. 

I pondered internally, rather than picking between an ordinary cake and cupcakes, why not be exceptional and have both? 

A cupcake tower with a cake at the extremely top makes for a decent showcase as does an enormous multi-layered cake encompassed by cupcakes. 

You can just buy a cake that takes care of a limited quantity of people, at that point request cupcakes which are considerably more reasonable to serve to visitors once the typical cake has been served. 

Who knows, having the two kinds of cakes may wind up satisfying your family, society and companions! 

So here are a few reasons why I feel wedding cupcakes are marvellous! 

1. Cupcakes are commonly more moderate than a typical wedding cake. 

2. Different cupcake flavours and frostings give visitors more choices. 

3. You can cause your own cupcakes in the event that you to decide to. 

4. While cupcakes are seen to be easygoing, serving it is stylish. 

5. It sets you out as one of a kind. 

6. It adds shading to your wedding. 

7. You don't have to cut it into sizeable cuts for visitors like the typical one. 

8. It is anything but difficult to deal with. 

9. Etc! 

I know there are numerous different reasons however I could just think about these! 

Ohhhh, I just idea of something! 

I will serve cupcakes in my next Birthday! 

Gee. Sounds like something I couldn't want anything more than to attempt! 

So which do you like, ordinary wedding cakes or wedding cupcakes? 

What's more, why?


  1. Wow. I haven't seen Peace anywhere around this post!

  2. For me, I prefer the usual wedding cake.
    I don't like doing things that may draw attention.

  3. For me, I prefer the usual wedding cake.
    I don't like doing things that may draw attention.

    1. Hmmmmm. So cupcakes will draw attention?

  4. Cupcakes look nice.. Will try it for my birthday too.

  5. Cupcakes pls, it's over affordable!
    Will just estimate the number of guests and add some extra pieces just in case.

  6. Cool. Serving cupcakes will really be great

  7. I will go with the traditional wedding cake. Not ready for anything different.


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