Top Seven Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Blog Traffic

Suppose you need to expand your blog traffic, you make posts, share, promote and so forth and watch your traffic increment. 


Expecting you need to diminish your traffic, you commit some little errors and you watch your traffic decrease. 

There are sure missteps you should evade to have expanding traffic. 

On the off chance that you submit a few or all of. these mix-ups, your traffic may never pick up energy. 

More terrible, it might level or start to diminish! 

You realize experience is the best educator; so my experience has a ton to instruct you. 

I have committed the majority of these errors and the outcome wasn't acceptable so I am telling you so you won't rehash it. 

In this way, here are the top 7 mix-ups I realize that can cut down your traffic. 

1: You don't post frequently: 

But you are simply blogging for web indexes, you have to post frequently. 

Dropping 2-3 posts a month may possibly be acceptable if you depend exclusively on web crawlers. 

If you need faithful readers, you have to post all the more frequently. 

Envision a reader going to your blog and notice the last post is close to 30 days! Such a reader may feel the blog is deserted and may not try to return. 

You can't assemble strong traffic without visit posts because there is an immediate connection between's recurrence and traffic. 

2: You don't post enough: 

I have gone over posts that have a valid statement however not obviously explained. 

For instance, somebody making a post about "how to get together a vehicle" just discloses to you all that you have to gather a vehicle and unexpectedly closes the post! 

That is a crude post because the writer didn't discuss the systems associated with collecting the vehicle so readers are lost and this may not be empowering. 

3. You post excessively: 

This is of two kind- 

Distributing a lot of posts at short stretches 

Distributing very looooooooong posts immediately. 

On the off chance that you need to post regularly, it's great. Yet, if you begin once again posting, at that point you may have an issue with your supporters who may feel you are filling their email (aside from you don't have endorsers). 

Except if you are into diversion or news posting where you need to make a post of everything occurring around. 

Posting long articles can be exhausting to your readers! 

If you have a long article to share, just break it into parts and post them at stretches. 

Except if you are posting for adsense endorsement, make an effort not to make one post more than 3000words. 

4. Your posts aren't locked in: 

I have expounded a great deal on making connecting with posts, so go to past posts and read up. 

To make posts empowering, you need to embolden your readers. Just ask them an inquiry toward the finish of the post which they need to remark on, ask them their assessment, ask them to likewise share or like the post. 

You don't take an interest in the discussion: 

Except if you are a professional writer, you should answer to remarks, it makes readers realize that somebody is tuning in to them and not a PC making and dropping posts for watchers. 

At the point when you don't take an interest in your reader's discussion by answering their remarks, you resemble somebody who welcomed people for his gathering and vanished after they appeared. 

This conduct would be seen as discourteous or odd. The equivalent is valid in blogging. People need to have a discussion with you the writer of the post they simply read. 

5. You don't make appealing titles: 

I have referenced how to stand out as truly newsworthy in a past post so simply experience it. 

Overall, 8 out of 10 people will read your post title first, however, just 2 out of 10 will read the entire post." 

This implies your post titles are the most significant thing you write. If they aren't spellbinding, I don't know. However, on the off chance that they are, it's cool. 

6. Your post-presentation is poor: 

After readers are dazzled by the post title, they focus on the presentation. 

If you run your presentation, readers may quit any pretence of reading further so take a shot at your presentation. 

7. Your post is off-brand: 

Off-brand as in you generally post things that are not identified with your speciality like a style many individuals might be liable of that. Going off is permitted yet not totally off! You ought to at least make a post identifying with the speciality. Like a design blogger who needs to write country news can relate it to how it might influence style whatnot. 

That is everything I can consider now. 

What other traffic-executioners have you seen as a blogger?


  1. True. Posting once in a while can b accepted if you post long and meaningful stuff...

  2. nice one.... actually am making use of sevida template same as urs, but my lastest post is ony showing two posts. how can i increase the number of post snippet to be displayed. here is my blog will actually be waiting for ur reply..

    1. Go to your settings, click posts and comments and select the number of posts to appear on your home page.


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