Why Maids Can Take Over Homes

To me, I think maids should be somebody brought to a home to assist in dealing with it. 

They might be brought to help in household work or babysitting. 

However, today, a few maids have changed their essential point of coming into a home to something different a long way from the explanation they were gotten. 

The vast majority of the movie is mostly brought about by them while fault can, in any case, be put on the person or people who carried the housekeeper into the home. 

- First of all, what is a housekeeper expected to do when brought into a home? 

My contextual investigation is on hitched families so I would discuss maids in wedded homes. 

At the point when a servant is brought into a wedded home; there is a 90% likelihood that the spouse is either pregnant or has conceived an offspring already! 

It is uncommon to see a recently wedded couple getting a house cleaner! 

What precisely will she do in such a home? 

Any recently hitched couple who acquires a house cleaner when there is not a single child to be seen might be taken a gander at dubiously. 

Anyway, back to the inquiry, what are they expected to do? 

A servant in a wedded home is relied upon to deal with house errands like cleaning, washing and so on whatever ought to be done to keep the house clean is left to the housekeeper. 

Something else a servant is relied upon to do is to look after children. 

This is generally the principal reason a servant is gotten. She just fits into the housekeeping normally without been told. 

After getting hitched, the children begin coming and ladies (particularly working moms) begin searching for maids to get them out with errands. That is the essential work of a servant. 

- Secondly, for what reason do maids begin making trouble? 

There are acceptable maids if you are fortunate to get one! Also, there are wicked maids, if you are unfortunate to get such. 

Maids come into a home to help the proprietors in babysitting or housekeeping. 

Yet, what can trigger a servant to begin making trouble? 

I have watched families with maids and I saw comparable things in about 70% of them: 

1. The maids are not all around dealt with: 

For what reason would somebody take somebody's kid just to not like them like a parent? 

I have seen great maids turn terrible because they were ineffectively thought about! They needed to take just to purchase great medications for themselves. 

I don't think a housekeeper who sees all the consideration you shower will at present get into mischief (except if its a narrow-minded servant). 

2. They are not given an ounce of regard from the littler children: 

Most occasions I watch a scene like this and I can't resist giggling. 

Children see what their folks do to the housekeeper and consistently attempt to do likewise. 

You see kids inconsiderately advising somebody twice their age to accomplish something for them and the guardians will take a gander at the house cleaner to check for any indication of dissent! The housekeeper should swallow the affront and do that just to spare her activity. 

Wouldn't you say that housekeeper may plan something insane for that kid when the guardians are away? 

3. They are not all around took care of: 

I have seen a ton of situations when the housekeeper is permitted to eat simply after each other relative is full! Most occasions, there may not be anything left after that. 

A ravenous person is an irate person so it may not absolutely be a house cleaner's issue when they begin getting out of hand because of the thunder in their stomach! 

4. They are maltreated: 

Many maids endure this. 

Just because you brought a housekeeper into your home doesn't mean you can deal with them like earth! 

Maids are humans and shouldn't punch packs. 

On the off chance that a housekeeper accomplishes something incorrectly, there are heaps of worthy disciplines you can give. 

A housekeeper who feels welcome in a home won't give space for acting up (the thankless ones may do something else, however). 

- Thirdly, for what reason do maids break or assume control over homes? 

This is the issue that enlivened this post. 

A few maids currently work in coming into a home and breaking it into pieces! 

Many individuals, including Religious pioneers, have exhorted hitched ladies to keep their trustworthiness and wedding pledges. 

A few people like the previous Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Henry Luke Orombi mostly accused the expanding marriage separations of maids! 

He said " 

working ladies look downward on their spouses and are too languid to even consider attending to them, leaving husbands helpless before maids who take care of them, calm them and in the long run dominate!" 

That might be consistent with a degree. 

Yet, shouldn't something be said about the spouse who permitted himself to fall under the control of a MAID!? 

I feel that is so shallow! 

Alright, I concur that some working ladies possess neglected to bring out energy for their spouses. 

Some don't have the foggiest idea how to adjust work and family (really awful) and this MAY prompt the breakdown of their families. Ladies must realize how to put families (spouses) before work. 

Ladies should save some an ideal opportunity for their spouses and do what they should do and that is the reason it is acceptable to make out an ideal opportunity to be with your family alone. 

Another ridiculous mix-up ladies make is leaving everything to the housekeeper! 

Henry Luke proceeded to inquire 

"For what reason do you leave the servant to do everything in the house, including giving food, taking water for your better half to the washroom, making your beds, and so on you despite everything think you are a hitched lady?" 

Truly, what is hitched ladies thinking of leaving their servant to do each and everything, including what concerns their better half! 

What are they expecting when the maids are the ones going to showcase, getting the staples, setting up the feast and furthermore serving THEIR spouses? 

I don't have the foggiest idea whether I am that right yet I think there is a bond that grows from spouse to the food worker. If it is not you, you might be losing it to your house cleaner. 

Ladies are constantly encouraged to deal with things concerning their spouses without anyone else. 

Regardless of whether you don't do some other thing; set up the feast and serve it to him yourself! 

A few ladies are the engineer of their own marriage issues and some sharp maids will see this shortcoming and rapidly control the circumstance for their own potential benefit. 

To them, on the off chance that you can't deal with your family, they are willing and ready to take it from you and handle superior to you! 

- Lastly, how might one deal with their housekeeper to forestall negative stories? 

Many individuals, including myself, have expressed various things about dealing with a house cleaner. 

You simply need to check and pick the one you can manage without causing more mischief. 

A portion of the recommendations include: 

1. Take great consideration of your house cleaner: 

Except if your house cleaner is a childish person, she is probably going to be of acceptable conduct at any rate to value your accommodation. 

No one can tell where you will meet your housekeeper later on so regard them. 

As a human being, a few maids will need to give you the friendliness or abuse you give them now later on so be acceptable or you might be unfortunate to meet them as the specialist attempting to safe your life (suppose you had been awful to such a person before). 

2. Show your children to regard them: 

On the off chance that the maids are route more established than your children, show your children to converse with them pleasantly. 

Permit your children to join the servant in some house tasks they can deal with themselves or hazard having your children turn sluggish. 

A ton of children who grew up with maids in their home will, in general, be languid or don't have the foggiest idea how to do things themselves! 

The explanation isn't unrealistic! The children were not permitted to work or gain from the servant. They will consistently figure out how to run and disregard the servant to the tasks since the house cleaner will consistently do it with or without them. 

I think if kids regard maids and figure out how to function from them and with them, things might be significantly simpler! 

3. Try not to go out to them: 

Like Henry Luke stated, "as a wedded lady, don't leave everything to your housekeeper". 

Maids are sharp and when they feel comfortable around your home more than you, you are meaning something bad for yourself. 

A few ladies come into the kitchen looking lost. They don't have a clue where the salt is situated in the kitchen! Such people may need to call their housekeeper before they can get the salt in their own kitchen! 

That is exceptionally terrible because it can give the house cleaner an edge over you! 

Simply envision your significant other requesting that you get him his towel and you said you don't have the foggiest idea where the house cleaner dropped it since she was the person who washed and pressed it in! 

I will love to see the expression all over when the housekeeper goes into the space to get it herself and takes it to him! 

Do you imagine that is a decent turn of events? 

4. Avoid maids on the off chance that you can't deal with them: 

This has been bantered on for long and it is disputable because it doesn't support a few people. 

Avoiding maids implies not carrying them to your home by any means! Also, that implies taking care of your home alone. 

Some working ladies who are against this case they can't join work and housekeeping/babysitting so there is the need to get a servant! 

People who are in help guarantee that maids presently cause more mischief than anything to families so they ought to be disregarded. 

OK, what happens to people who can't consolidate work and housekeeping? 

People have recommended that spouses are the main ones who can help in this situation. 

At the point when the spouse engages in the housekeeping, the issue is decreased. 

It is fun when the house is dealt with by the couple before the children develop to dominate. On the off chance that there will be a plan indicating when, how and who ought to do specific housework, there might be practically zero requirements for a servant. 

The difficult presently is, will the spouse help? 

Will the spouse work with her significant other? 

Some will and some won't. 

If your state indeed, at that point approval. 

If you state no, investigate your family and picture what maids can do to your family. At that point, if you are ready to hazard having another person coming in to take your family, at that point you can get a housekeeper. If not, you both should bite the bullet and work as a team. 

So this New Year, have a go at filling in as a team and make your home remain without an outsider who may pull it down from the establishment. 

So, what's your own sentiment on this?


  1. I don't even advice keeping Maids.

  2. Maids are something I will really advice couples to flee from!

  3. maids keh??? i dont even like hearing that!

  4. Thank for sharing. Personally I don't like keeping someone as maid. They can be mean when ever they want.

  5. i cnt even employ any one as maid..
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  6. Couples should stop keeping maids, okwa mmaka ndu nke nwoke lol


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