Effects Of Using Your Smartphone Excessively

Smartphones are really cool (super  cool I tell you), they have made a lot of things easy and fun.

A lot of people today are proud owners who find their smartphone very useful.

However, many people just can't drop their phone down, making use of it all the time; knowing or not knowing that too much use of smartphone can be very bad for their health. 

Well, in case you don't know, excess use of your smartphone can affect your health.

Effects of using your smartphone excessively include:

1. Damage to Eye health: People who have the habit of pressing their phone for consecutive long hours could cause harm to their eye. It can weaken your eyes, give you blur vision.

Even if you set brightness to a much lower level, using it for a very long time will still affect you.

2. Pain on the neck, back and fingers: Obviously, there is slight pain on the neck and back as you lean downwards to look at the screen. Also, hunching affects your spine. Your fingers too will have considerable pain.

3. Poor mental health: We can say that frequent smartphone users are often withdrawn and hardly socialize with 'smart people'. This can then lead to poor emotional and mental health.

4. Loss of sleep: This should be the number one point! You want to keep up with everything happening in your phone that you drag it to bed with you. Eventually, you would end up sleeping little or not sleeping at all because your eyes refused to blink or leave your smartphone screen.

So now that you've known the damaging effects of excessive use of your smartphone; let me suggest the best health tips that can help you out of your "addiction"

1. Keep your phone down for sometime:

The first and healthy tip for anybody who uses his smartphone should be to keep the phone down (maybe briefly).

You don't really need to be on it all the time. Since you know some of the many negative effects, why don't you use your phone only when you want to do something (important)? 

Avoid unnecessary testing or application usage. Only chat when there is something to chat about (enough "hello", "WhatsUp", "hi" etc over and over again).

At night you should make sure you do everything you have to do with your smartphone an hour before going to bed. Stop taking your phone to bed. It's just your phone, not your partner (even though some people see it as there companion).

2. Be mindful of your posture:

As I wrote earlier, it can cause back and neck pain as you always look into your phone screen. Maintaining that posture may harm your spine, and distort your neutral alignment.

Being mindful of the kind of posture you keep at all times, will prove very helpful. Raise your phones up to your face, so you wouldn't have to bend or hunch over your phone.

3. Watch out for your eye:

When using your phone, keep the screen at a good distance away from your eyes.

Additionally, when using your smartphone, at intervals you can perform a simple eye exercise by closing your eyes with both palms or rolling your eyes to keep it very mobile. You can also focus your eyes on a clear background (or wall) for some seconds or blink more often to keep your eyes hydrated.

4. Perform simple breathing exercises:

Most addicted smartphone users are usually disoriented and have a lot on their mind. Performing simple breathing exercises will help clear your mind and free your thinking.

Engaging in yoga practice is also likely to be productive.

5. Socialize and meet people outside your smartphone:

The best way to improve your social health is by talking to people, travelling and having fun outdoors. This will help you to avoid the depression and damaging mental effects associated with excessive smartphone use.

6. Massage and stretch your fingers to relieve the pain:

You should occasionally stretch your fingers to relieve it from pains.

If after reading the negative effects of excessive use of your smartphone and still refuse to try out some of the health tips; then you probably need help (fast).


  1. Very healthy tips my dear!!!

  2. the posture is really something to look into!


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