Eight Things You Should Know About Getting Married


Where are my married readers? Toward the finish of this post, I would probably fine you for staying quiet about this from the single fellas!!!! 

Above all else, marriage is sweet! Indeed, take it from me. It's a delighted encounter, you simply need to realize how to play your card well. 

Then again, it very well may be an awful encounter which you may live to lament. 

On the off chance that you don't have a clue, there is a great deal about marriage which you may have been told, perused or watched. In all that, simply realize that there are a few things you may not be plainly told. You may not watch it cause these married people don't need you to think about it so you don't wind up observing marriage in an awful light! Like I stated, it relies upon how you play your card. 

So here are a few things about marriage I wager you might not have been told, perused or watched: 

1. Marriage won't fill the void 

in your life: Some people FLY into marriage so quick that they end of FLYing out quicker than they flew in. Experiencing childhood in our general public, we are made to accept that marriage is the response to everything. You see a lady quietly sitting tight for her little girl to move on from school (some don't hold up till at that point) at that point she begins asking her when will the day come (like she is a pixie princess that would cause a spouse to show up at their home). At the point when she isn't getting a great answer, she begins counselling all the family members asserting that her little girl has most likely gone frantic! Not simply the women, some folks likewise experience this. The demonstration of holding tight their kids' neck because of getting married has made a few people accept that marriage is everything! They might be driven into marriage and may wind up thinking twice about it. 

So nobody is to be accused when ladies anticipate that their lives should mysteriously change once they've discovered Mr Right. 

Regardless of whether their life gets more joyful, they don't anticipate that it should take care of every one of their issues. 

2. One in addition to one equivalents two: 

The 'two bodies one soul' 

mantra sounds sentimental 

yet, a sound marriage is consistently around two people meeting up and attempting to make the relationship work. 

Try not to whip yourself attempting to cause your lives to rotate around one another, simply unwind and realize that you will possibly accomplish a lot of when you understand that you both are people from the various foundation, culture and the rest. 

3. You won't generally discover your 

accomplice alluring: You may, in any case, be pulled in to one another on a scholarly level yet physical changes can regularly diminish the physical fascination. 

The Nollywood and Hollywood rendition of things 

that express that on the off chance that you are not pulled in to your accomplice, you are not in affection, isn't right. So don't be frightened; it's a stage that will pass. 

4. The being infatuated stage closes: I call this the wedding trip stage. 

While we as a whole think about 

the special night express, the 

'joyfully ever after', 'in adoration 

always' idea isn't right as well. So if there are days when you end up asking why you married him, don't stress. The finish of this fixation stage guarantees better things ahead. 

5. You may once in a while 'detest' your accomplice: We don't utilize the word 'loathe' generously. There will be times when his comical inclination or his fixation on sports, things that pulled in you 

to him in any case, can 

drive you up the divider. Try not to attempt to change these things since he is after all the person you went gaga for. Furthermore, in all honesty, you likely drive him up the 

divider as well and you may not know. 

6. Treat him how you wish to be dealt with: This is another well-known idea, playing directly into sexual orientation generalizations. We anticipate that the man should be this sentimental saint who presents to us the red roses and 12 PM shocks. Truly, if you need the sentiment to rearward in your marriage, treat your man the 

the way you wish to be dealt with. Give him the unexpected that you desire for, cook him that cookout treats that you long for and give him that great morning kiss that you need each day. Trust me, its good times. 

7. Marriage isn't cheerfully ever after: 

Marriage all the more precisely is a steady work in progress. 

The contentions will increment with time, there will consistently be issues to be managed and there will be too often that he makes you distraught. The main change will be that this time you will be 

ready to give it the required 

time and tolerance. 

8. A youngster can't spare your marriage: 

Truth be told the option of these "minuscule people" in the house will add to the previously existing pressure. So on the off chance that you got the brilliant guidance to, 'have a child and spare your marriage,' try not to, because it won't generally help. All things considered, except your relative chooses to be lady Hitler! 

My recommendation, give yourself a brief period and consider yourself and why you need to get married. You ought to do this so you don't get married for an inappropriate explanation (making a post on wrong motivations to get married) and wind up asking yourself "For what reason did I ever get married?"


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  2. Woah....... Never seen anything like this!

  3. Hi Rosy. I really commend your effort in crafting this post. You are on point about your number one. It is amazing when people get married because somebody wanted them to do so.

    One thing that they fail to realize is that marriage begins after wedding. It possible for people to sponsor your wedding but after wedding your destiny is left for you to handle.

    My advice: those who want to get married should sit down and count the cost. They must be sure that the decision to get married is coming from their innermost being, and never as an attempt to please anybody or measure up with social expectations. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Woah... I really love this article!

  5. Great! I have been trying to explain all these to my baby sister but she doesn't seem to understand me... Good thing someone her age just made my point clearer! I will simply share this page with her. Thanks Rosy, first time on your blog but I feel like I have known you for long!

    Truly, marriage is not everything!

  6. Great.... Really helpful


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