Miss Plus Size Nigeria Pageantry Winner 2016 Awarded On Demerit

Some months back I remember posting the advert for the Miss Plus Size Nigeria Pageantry 2016. And some few hours ago I came around to post winners of the contest. Now I am back cause I heard some jaw-dropping stories. 😕

Well, I can't say if the contest was free and fair because I didn't attend it. But if I'd known it will end like this, I will surely keep the advert off my blog and safe one of my readers the stress of going for the contest and end up wishing she never saw the advert here. 

Apologies to people this affected. Truly, there is nothing heart-grinding as putting all your efforts into something and still have someone not even half as good as you beat you in something! This doesn't happen only in pageantries but in almost everything in life. 

How I got to find out that the Miss Plus Size Nigeria Winner 2016 didn't merit the Crown, firstly, an angry contestant went on social media to say that the Miss Nigeria Plus Size organizers was a Scam! 

This is not the first time a  contestant in a beauty pageant in Nigeria will accuse the organizers of bias and partiality (I have watched many). 

In this case, one of the contestants of the just concluded Miss Nigeria Plus Size pageantry has accused the organizers of swindling the contestants of their hard-earned money and crowning their relative as Queen! 
Seriously, if I ever run a contest and at a point, I realise I can't meet up with the promise made; two things are involved. I cancel the whole thing or go on with it and crown the real winner then later we can sort things out. Going ahead with it and still giving someone who doesn't merit it will only put a dent on your company or agency's name like this one! 
Blessing Kalu competed in the just concluded Miss Nigeria Plus Size pageantry after paying N5,000 to buy the application form and now she is accusing the organizers of defrauding her! 
Well, according to her, they couldn't pay the prize money and the car they promised so they crowned a relative of the organizers and attempted to erase records of any relationship between them.

As  expected, the angry contestant has gone on Facebook to say her mind:

"This is how we were used by @missnigeriaplussize after all the money I spent and efforts @Regrann from @misscurvynigeriahealth:👿👿👿👿 When I saw this pageant advert! I felt really happy. I never knew it was all one of those jingle organizers who ride on us and our intelligence . The winner of this pageant is related to the sole sponsor of the pageant and to think that I saw that she is a mum nd a queen! Ignorable! They deleted pictures on IG to show their connection with each other. They failed to remember they were other places they kept such pictures. When would we start crowning people with brains and not who has the highest connections! I hate injustice and needless to say this is one! @missnigeriaplussize I’m so dissapointed in the whole arrangement and I’ll get to the very last to bring this act to book:evil: 😤 . I have picture and proof for all I’m saying! If you anyone has a problem with this, message me nd see yourself. They didn’t want to give the prize money so they decided to make their own family member win:evil: 😥😥 "
Secondly, some contestants have taken to Instagram to show their pains. Some other individuals are simply tagging others and asking for justice and fair play. 
The question people ask now is:
Is she really a relative of the sponsor?
Were the organisers really out of cash to pay up what they promised?
What will Miss Blessing Kalu do about the so-called 'injustice'? 
And how long will it take Nigerians to do things as they should be done? 


  1. My country my country!

  2. Heard the winner couldn't catwalk properly! If it's true then it's terrible!


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