Interview With Upcoming Artist Speedy_B

Okay, I just met this cool fellow on Facebook and it turned out he is a Nigerian upcoming artist!!
I couldn't overlook an interview and so we were on it in just a minute.

Here's something from the chat: 
Me: Hello, how you doing? 
Speedy: I am okay and you? 
Me: I'm good. So, tel me something about yourself 🍷🍾
Speedy: My real name is Johnmartins Otti, from Enugu State, Nsukka Precisely and grew up in Nsukka too. I attended Saint Theresa's College Nsukka and I'm currently applying for a five years degree course in university of Nigeria Nsukka. 
Me: Nice... So, what is your family like, what's your experience growing up with them and what have they said concerning your music career? . 
Speedy: Am the second child in a family of three. Growing with dem has been fun, they are caring and I can't actually do without them. Best of all, they are in support of my career but dad will always tell me to combine it with being serious wit my 
Me: 😬 haha... That's normal 
Speedy: fathers na 
Me: So, how did you start a career in music? 
Speedy: I started loving and working on music in 2014 and has performed many shows and auditions. Basically I've been in love with wizkid's and runtown's songs. A large percentage of my inspiration came from them. 
Me: Wow, that;s amazing. As an upcoming artist, what should we expect from you? 
Speedy: Lemme say...Y'all should expect the best in good music and good collaboration. And I can't do that without you all. I appeal for support from you guys to get at stardom fully. And I have a song ready to be dropped in September! 
Me: Coooool!!! Can't wait!!! Tell us something about the song. 
Speedy: Ember Vibez. The song is Gala dance and it's a hip-hop dance. 
Me: Wow... I can see myself dancing to it already. 
Speedy: Thanks. You will really love it. 
Me: Sure. It was awesome chatting with you. 
Speedy: My pleasure. 
End of interview!!!! 

So, where was I?? 
Okay, I was saying something about him. I haven't know him much but I'm certain he has got talent and is creative and he is really expressing it in the things he do, I'm positive his music will be super-b. 
Trust me, you just need to keep your ears open, stay tuned and keep calm, Speedy_B is set to drop a song soon......... 
Ohh! Before I forget, here are his social media accounts just incase: 
5: His Bbm pin- 7B0B10DB 

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