How To Highlight And Contour Your Face

For some time now I have truly been attempting to get a hang of this highlighting and contouring thingy! And prepare to have your mind blown. I just succeeded at the beginning of today (awful right?) Not an issue to me presently cause I said I should impart the experience to you, particularly the cosmetics sweethearts. 

Lover Nelson says "Contouring is offering shape to a zone of the face and upgrading the facial structure through cosmetics". This is accomplished by utilizing two distinct shades of powder, cream and so on. Highlighting is fundamentally adding light to your face. 

In this way, the things you need are your normal foundation which is generally the same shading as your skin tone and two other foundations (hazier and lighter shades). You can utilize a brush or your fingers for mixing. 

Stunning, am getting energized now cause this is the application procedure! 

Alright, (hacks) here we go: 

Stage 1 

Start by applying your foundation which is the same shading as your skin tone. 

Stage 2 

Presently feature your face by applying the foundation which is two shades lighter than your skin. 

This ought to be applied at; 

· The focal point of your front head. 

· Along your forehead lines. 

· Under your eyes. 

· The focal point of your jaw. 

· The segment between the tip of your nose and the head of your lip. 

· The focal point of your nose. 

Stage 3 

Apply the foundation which is two shades hazier than your skin. 

This ought to be applied at; 

· Top of your forehead 

· The privilege and left half of your forehead 

· Along the left and right half of the nose 

· Along with your facial structure on both beginning from your ear. 

Stage 4 

Presently you can mix them utilizing your brush or fingers. Attempt to mix well so that there won't be any imprint left on the face. 

Hmmm,,,, I believe that is what it ought to resemble toward the end!. 

Better believe it, I know! Such a basic thing and I just hit the nail on the head just today! Beats me as well! 

All things considered, I got the chance to run back to typical posting cause this post is simply something I would not like to post (I might have returned to share another cosmetics achievement.. lol). 

Remember to drop your remarks or tips as well.


  1. Lol... its really sounds like a breakthrough for u!!!

  2. Hahaha... I can remember wen I finally got how to do mine

  3. Sweet... U have just started


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