How To Prepare Carrot Juice

Its been for such a long time since I dropped a recipe, so I chose to bring something exceptional this time. It's a basic procedure on the best way to make carrot juice. Better believe it, carrots! At the point when I heard it from the start, I was stunned however I was astounded after I tasted it. 

Carrot juice is a rich beverage and a portion of its advantages include: 

1. The iron in carrot: Drinking carrot juice outfits you with iron. Iron has a ton of focal points in your way of life and wellbeing. It helps in prolongation of vitality, yet additionally offers to ascend to a segment of the red platelets which proportions your tissues with oxygen. The exact estimations depict that 1-cup of carrot juice encases 1.1 milligrams of iron, thusly it is prudent to expend 6% of carrot juice every day for pre-menopausal ladies and men, and about 14% is embraced day by day for post-menopausal ladies and men. 

2. Nutrients An and K in carrot: Carrot is an incredible wellspring of nutrient A, just one cup of carrot juice has 45,133 global units of nutrient A. This nutrient gives a solid eye capacity, and it permits the cells to manage the quality action and assumes a focused on the job in the insusceptible framework. Nutrient K then again is a supplement required for the wellbeing of the bone and blood coagulating. Each drop of carrot juice contains 37 micrograms of nutrient K! 30% and 40% is the proposal for the day by day utilization for people, separately. 

Along these lines, back to the arrangement, this is an essential bit by bit procedure of making carrot juice: 

1. Wash and dice the carrots. 

2. Put them inside the blender. 

3. Include a modest quantity of water. 

4. Mix with medium speed until the fixings are very much blended. 

5. Spot a sifter sack in your ideal cup/holder and pour in the mixed fixings. 

6. Press however much fluid out of the sifter pack as could reasonably be expected. 

7. Include whatever else that will suit your desire (for me, I include somewhat nectar/sugar and some milk). 

8. A spot in a fridge (on the off chance that you need it chill). 

9. Serve alone or with any pastry. 

♥Enjoy your juice! Furthermore, keep your eyes and yourself healthy.♥


  1. Wow... nice recipee

  2. Awesome!!! This looks very healthy!

  3. Pls, what if i want to go on a large scale production, how can i preserve it in such a way that it will loose taste? Thank you.

    1. Hello Vic, remember that fresh carrot juice is best served immediately after preparation!

      But in a case where you want it to last longer, you can put it in a freezer. this preservation can only last a day or two.. anything more than that will you a taste you wont like... you can try adding artificial preservatives but you may still not get the taste u want after that.

      my advice, prepare and serve within a day of consumption!


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