MMM- Scam Or Legitimate

Truly, I've been reading and hearing about MMM since I was in school. I never gave it a look since I felt it was one of the standard systems administration business that is found wherever today. 

As of late, the instances of its slamming and causing injury in certain nations have really caused me to create enthusiasm for it and begin hoping to perceive what it truly is about. 

This post is set up on demand from a peruser and furthermore because of my interest to really discover the genuine article about MMM around the world. 

Things being what they are, what truly is MMM? 

I do hear people term it - Money Making Machine! Also, I have consistently inquired as to whether MMM is another plan? If MMM is a business? On the off chance that MMM is a venture? Etc. 

In this post, I had the option to find the solutions and furthermore locate the full significance of MMM and a big motivator for it. 

Here's a concise prologue to it: 

As indicated by Wikipedia, MMM was established in 1989 by Sergei Mavrodi, his sibling Vyacheslav Mavrodi, and Olga Melnikova. Therefore, the name utilized for the organization (MMM) was really gotten from the underlying letters of the three authors' family names of this plan. This frees the confusion from the term-Money Making Machine the same number of people think. 

Ммм began as a Russian organization that executed one of the world's biggest Ponzi plans ever during the 1990s. By various assessments, around 5 to 40 million people lost near $10 billion in Russia alone. Therefore, the MMM Ponzi conspire was closed somewhere around Russian Police in 1994 and opted for non-payment in 1997. On July 22nd, 1994, MMM workplaces in Russia were shut by the Russian police for tax avoidance. The endeavour to proceed with the plan by the organization after the conclusion scarcely any days after the fact was in purposeless lastly stopped tasks. By then of conclusion, the MMM organization was owing between 100 billion and 3 trillion rubles to the financial specialists (from $50 million to $1.5billion). This breakdown prompted 50 financial specialists ending it all having lost the entirety of their cash in the plan. 

{A Ponzi plot is a type of extortion where the faith in achievement of a nonexistent venture is cultivated by the instalment of brisk comes back to the primary financial specialists from cash contributed by later investors} 

Mavrodi was captured in 2003. While in authority, Mavrodi was given until January 31, 2006, to peruse the archives in his extortion body of evidence against him. Toward the finish of April 2007, Mavrodi was indicted for misrepresentation and given a sentence of four and a half years. Since he had just gone through more than four years in guardianship (2003-2007), he was later delivered not exactly a month later, on May 22, 2007. He later went on to make one more fraudulent business model called MMM-2011 (anxious fella). 

In 2015, MMM started working in South Africa with a similar plan of action as MMM-2011, asserting a "30% every month" return through a "social money related system". This worked out in a good way and afterwards in 2016, MMM propelled a site focusing on the Nigerian crowd. 

In January 2016 the Chinese government prohibited MMM because it is a fraudulent business model, (Ponzi plan), and it isn't enlisted in the nation (and as a deceitful plan would it be able to be enrolled). 

All things considered, here's something about MMM Nigeria ( 

MMM (Mavrodi Melnikova) Nigeria is a plan organization that ensures people a 30% enthusiasm for expansion to their underlying enlistment expense following 3 a month. The framework exclusively depends on referral framework in which the organization promises you commission of a specific rate when you allude somebody to their system. 

The data found on the MMM-Nigeria based site expresses that: 

"MMM is a network of people giving each other budgetary assistance on the guideline of unwarranted, correspondence and kindness. 

In MMM you don't need to make agreements or promise your property. In MMM there are no banks and no account holders. Everything is basic: one member requests help — another makes a difference." 

Great stuff! How about we proceed. 

In any case, focusing on the Nigerian crowd began in 2016 and still, in 2016, the MMM Nigeria based webpage has gotten more than 500,000 individuals on its site (Nigerians don't care for been forgotten about). 

The consideration of SEC, Nigeria was attracted to the exercises of the online venture plot labelled 'MMM Federal Republic of Nigeria ( 

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Nigeria broke down the things engaged with the plan and as of late cautioned the overall Nigerians on the exercises of some online venture plot explicitly labelling this Ponzi conspire called MMM. 

{Here's what it stated: The stage has set out on a forceful online media crusade to bait the putting open to take an interest in what is called 'common guide budgetary system' with a month to month speculation return of 30 per cent. 

"The commission thusly advises the contributing open that the activity of this venture plot has no unmistakable plan of action henceforth it's a Ponzi Scheme, where returns are paid from others' contributed whole. Likewise, its activity isn't enrolled by the Commission." 

Along these lines, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) asked the overall population to remain off of this online plan which is a beguiling one. Additionally, including this is an unsystematic hazard that is whoever joins this scam does as such at his/her own hazard. Depicting this as an unsystematic hazard shows that it is only a scam since no one gets made up for an unsystematic hazard; it is a hazard you can maintain a strategic distance from, that is, it is an avoidable risk.} 

Interestingly, despite the notice from such powerful and even realities accessible online about the originator of this plan - Mavrodi, who is the specialist and cerebrum behind this worldwide scam - numerous Nigerians are as yet pursuing this most recent form of his plan in Nigeria. In fact, since the updates on its accident in certain nations and the alerts, more Nigerians consequently got intrigued by it. Do you think its neediness or downturn or friend impact? Whichever one it is, I don't believe it ought to be a reason to be guileless and daze collapsed with the lure. Sufficiently pitiable, numerous Nigerians put in their well-deserved salary, acquired/taken cash even cash put in a safe spot for significant things (eg school expenses, house lease and so forth) into this plan with the expectation of making millions. They don't have the foggiest idea of how long this plan will keep on existing. 

All things considered, that is sufficient for the history. Let me stun you (Nigerians) a bit! 

Really awful this plan will before long breakdown. Is it true that you are stunned that it will fall soon? Or then again would you say you are considering how it will fall? 

We should dissect it: 

In the first place, you should have all heard and perused the news that South African and Zimbabwean parts of the MMM conspire has slammed. This has caused numerous people to lose a gigantic measure of cash to it. Indeed, even with this news, Nigerians despite everything stay inflexible are as yet placing their cash into conspiring (trust Nigerians). Sufficiently entertaining, you see numerous Nigerians shielding the plan; I have perused and tuned in to contentions raised by individuals from MMM Nigeria to demonstrate that the plan isn't a scam. If just these folks were profitably utilized, they will win grants for themselves because of how they gladly advance, protect and speak to the brand both on the web and disconnected. 

Besides, the reality despite everything remains that numerous Nigerians think nothing about this scam conspire; what they can be sure of is that you simply put your cash into it and get 30% enthusiasm for expansion to your underlying store toward the month's end. 

What bothers them most is that Nigerians don't consider completing practicality concentrate on the business/speculation before pooling their assets into such business/venture. With the practicality study, numerous inquiries like the ones underneath should be replied: 

· The feasibility of the business 

· The gainfulness of the business/venture 

· The fate of the business 

· The hazard related to the business 

· The previous pattern (authentic records) of the business and others 

· The importance of the business to the Economy 

At the point when they discover answers to the above inquiries, they can advise whether to join the plan or escape from it. 

However, truly, if you take a gander at the above, you will see that MMM isn't deserving of placing your cash into. The SEC, CBN and other monetary specialists that have cautioned the overall population have significant purposes behind their announcements. 

Presently, let me put you through responses to the inquiries above: 

· Is MMM a feasible business/speculation? 

No, MMM is neither a business nor speculation. Taking a gander at the meaning of the MMM on the site of the organization, you will see that it isn't expressed there as a business or venture however some assistance procedure, that is, proportional money related assistance. 

As characterized by them, it is a network to help one another. Would it be a good idea for us to now consider it a gift or noble cause network? The reality despite everything remains that, the tricky lure called a commission of 30% of enthusiasm on your underlying store has programmed and removed the understanding of numerous Nigerians to see the reality behind the plan. 

· Is MMM beneficial? 

Without question, the benefit of any business/venture is emotional. The meaning of benefit changes and relies upon the speculator. In the feeling of business or venture, MMM it isn't productive. The inquiry pestering your brain presently it might be the 30% commission to their endorsers and even fixed level of commitment to any individual that alludes another person into the plan. Have you halted to ask yourself where the 30% commission and different commissions originate from? 

Since MMM is a stage to help other people monetarily, it is neither a business nor a venture. All in all, how is the intrigue or benefit given to the people? where is the benefit gotten from? is Mavrodi - the organizer of this plan - making benefit from this program? How is he figuring the benefit? How is the 30% commission given to people secured? Answer these inquiries and understand. 
· Does MMM has a future? 

Before pooling your assets together and placing in the plan, inquire as to whether it has a future. You put your cash in a plan or program that won't keep going long resembles purchasing an offer in an organization that will before long overlay. 

Where do you think the eventual fate of MMM is going? An organization - as they call themselves-who has no furrow back benefits to keep up the running exercises of the organization instead of depending on the new admission will most likely overlap up. The models from neighbouring nations have indicated the fate of MMM holds nothing than purposeless. Trust me. 

· What dangers are related to MMM? 

Numerous devotee individuals from this plan will never observe any hazard related to this plan. They even trust it is a hazard-free program as though it is an administration bond. No speculation or business in this world is sans chance; all organizations are unsafe however they shift. Presently MMM lets you know there is no hazard related with the program. Have you at any point heard a private establishment participating in business without benefit? Assuming no, at that point, every single private speculation or organizations are hazardous except it's anything but a genuine foundation. 

· What are the authentic records of MMM? 

If you have been following news refreshes or even comprehended the start of this post, you will understand that the history/past records about MMM aren't generally reassuring. MMM has negative surveys with the barbarities brought about by the organizer. As indicated by reports, they have really taken a gigantic measure of cash from people in various nations; Russia, South Africa, China, Zimbabwe and so forth and even made some examine, endeavour and end it all given their misfortune. 

Indeed, even savage people, before taking care of their cash, they pose inquiries about the endeavour; the notoriety, history and past records of such business. The history has made us realize that MMM is a scam wherein we ought not to put our assets in it. 

· What is the noteworthy impact of MMM on the Economy? 

Without question, Nigeria's economy isn't ideal right now however the reality despite everything remains that MMM as a plan will simply intensify the circumstance. The plan itself has no other objective than the more terrible or feeble economy. The cerebrums behind the plan target nations that are confronting tough situations and having a helpless economy. They know with the helpless economy, the residents of such nations will discover it too hard to have elevated expectation of living. Furthermore, with such a situation, everybody will be searching for a spot to put their cash and get twofold returns in a brief timeframe without stress. When MMM plot was presented in China, South Africa, Zimbabwe and others, the economy of such nations was at their helpless second. They utilized the second to misuse the more vulnerable people since you scarcely discover rich men including in such. They indoctrinated this gathering and with time they all fell into the snare. 

The practicality study examined above is sufficient to tell you that MMM is only a scam. I let you know, a few people will in any case not be persuaded. People despite everything continue sorting out instructional exercises to get new individuals ready. They consider people to be the plan as hindrances and consistently attempt to contend for it. The better side of the contention is that the plan is paying, it enhances their pockets and they are really making it from the plan when they are truly thinking that it's difficult to try and support themselves in the current economy of the nation. Their emphasis is simply on the advantages and the benefit (30% commission), this redirects and has dazzle collapsed them to see the sinking eventual fate of this Ponzi conspire. 

MMM might be new to Nigeria since it just appeared in 2016, yet the entire world knows all the concealed piece of this Ponzi plot since it has been established since 1994. 

Still in question? Here are a few reasons that show that MMM is a scam and will before long accident: 


The misguided judgment about this plan is that numerous Nigerians think it is either a venture or business they can put their cash and get a lot of income from it. It is unmistakably expressed on the site that, it is neither business nor venture so whoever discloses to you that it is a speculation to put your cash and win promptly has been deceiving you. 


The cerebrums behind this plan are so savvy and continue encouraging you to make sure you utilize your extra cash. They advise you to utilize the cash you believe isn't that critical to your day by day living. Cash that if you lose it throughout this plan, you probably won't feel hurt. 


The guarantee of the high pace of profits on your stores is something dubious. Indeed, even a standard organization with notoriety will never give you such a high pace of profits on your offers with them not to mention another birthed network called MMM. Interestingly, instructed individual are placing in their cash into something that isn't a venture yet guarantees 30% commission every month not even yearly. Have you known about any venture giving such rate every month and it doesn't crumble in the closest future? 


On the off chance that lone the plan has been participating in exercises to make benefits and give back 30% comes back to their endorsers as increase made, at that point, people won't have any issue with them. Be that as it may, as expressed on their site, it's anything but an online business it is only a network where people give each other monetary assistance. 

The inquiry is, the place is the 30% commission originating from? A few people say it is from the others who put in their cash. On the off chance that this is valid, I trust you comprehend that the cash of new admissions is being utilized as commission for the old ones. On the off chance that new admissions stop to enrol, at that point, the breakdown isn't far. 


The stage started, you enthusiastically furnish help to others with your extra or unused cash. After which your record will be credited or compensated for helping another person. If moving cash from one record to the next is called helping, at that point, I anticipate an issue. The terrible thing here is that nobody can really demand purported help without helping another person! This implies for you to get a penny, you were more likely than not given out a pound! (Not cool). MMM is simply supporting the procedure of people giving out cash one another. MMM just directs the procedure and that's it. 


Reading this announcement alone makes it glaring that this plan is only a misdirection. A program that lets you know, your cash or premium isn't ensured; for what reason are numerous people still resolute to squander their well-deserved pay on it? I ask you to get MMM manuals or visit their site and read ther arrangements well to comprehend what you are getting into 


Have you requested the benefit of the author/association for building up such a program? A Russian descending here to Nigeria to make a stage where Nigerians will help each other by trading their assets remain to pick up nothing from it? MMM was established not for benefit? Is it a foundation program? Indeed, even a foundation program will look for subsidizing from the well of characters to support their program. 

It would be ideal if you think fundamentally. 

Two critical things anticipate the finish of this plan: 


The specialized instrument in designing this plan is the enrollment of new admissions. If new people are not joining the plan, at that point, MMM will go down. 

The mind behind MMM has really set up systems to neutralize this yet it won't work since it will blow in his face soon. They presently request that their supporters make recordings and transfer it on YouTube to get more people. It is even perfectly clear now that, the plan is going down effectively, numerous people have been griping of postponement in instalment. On the off chance that these people neglect to place in their reserve, at that point, destruction is coming as of now. They have gone it to entryway to-entryway battle for the plan because the inflow is not any more adequate. 


Somebody once said that the main way the plan will fall is if numerous people choose to pull back their cash. The plan has just said that they ought not to be considered liable for anything that you will lose everything. 

In your extra time, go on the web and read surveys about This really implies if people choose to take their cash out, MMM will, in the end, overlay up leaving the rest of the people at a misfortune. However, MMM says you shouldn't hold them! So who will the rest of the hurry to? 

I predict Nigerians disregarding every one of these alerts and taking to online networking to accuse the administration, lawmakers and others when MMM overlays up. 

It is prudent to quit taking a chance with your cash on such a framework. Although you may be making your cool cold hard cash from it, there is a high possibiLITY IT WILL FAIL.


  1. God knows i wont waste my money on this!

  2. I want to register now but i hope it doesnt crash soon! Its borrowed money and I wont want problem!

    1. Dear Milay, I advice you use your own spare money. I guess they put that in their website! Using your own spare money will cause you less psychological stress if it eventually folds...

      If you must get the money else where, make sure its an amount you can comfortably pay to avoid stories that touch!


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