Interesting Facts About Some Foods We Consume Daily

There are many foods we consume daily which we have little or no idea about. You may not believe some interesting facts I recently found out about some of the foods we enjoy every day!


Here’s a list of interesting facts about some foods I researched on which you may not have thought of:
1. A cucumber is literally a fruit, not a vegetable. Cucumbers consist of 95% of water and the skin is their most nutritious part.

2. A strawberry is not really a berry, it’s a fruit plant. A standard strawberry has around 200 seeds. Strawberries (and cashews) are the only fruits which have their seeds on the outside, unlike all other fruits which have their seeds inside.

3. Kiwifruit is commercially grown on strong support structures, as it can produce several tonnes per hectare, even more than the rather weak vines can support.

4. Coffee is actually a fruit. The cherries or fruits are mature and rounded in 7 to 9 months.

5. Eating an apple is a more stable method of staying sleepless than consuming a cup of coffee. The natural sugar in an apple is more dynamic than the caffeine in coffee.

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6. Rice is actually a grass which is harvested when it turns golden.

7. Pine nuts are edible seeds from pine tree cones.

8. Peanuts are legumes, not nuts and they don’t grow on trees like walnuts or pecans. The peanut plant is exceptional because it flowers above ground but the peanut grows below ground.

9. Cinnamon comes from the bark. Cinnamon farmers first shave the outer bark off the trees and then shave off the inner bark, the actual cinnamon layer.

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And of course, there are foods that are anti-ageing and can help give you that flawless, healthy skin.
These are just a few, there are many other facts about many other foods we consume!
If you have any, drop it lets hear it.


  1. Tomatoe is an awesome vegetable and is good for maintaining a healthy skin..
    Eat raw fresh tomatoes whenever you can and add it to your meals as garnishing too!!

  2. Coffee doesn't really make you awake at night. It only stirs your hormones making you feel agile while you are actually craving for sleep deep down! #experience


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