Bitinvest – Scam or Legitimate

Is a bit

Invest-A HYIP that pays or a major scam? This inquiry just continues confronting me wherever I turn on the web and disconnected! 

Today, many individuals are searching for a decent spot to invest their cash without its danger is a gigantic scam. I have been composing audits about online investment locales on request and this is the same. This one was incited by my chief, however! 

Along these lines, here I am after my little examination giving you what you have to think about this bitinvest. 

First of all, its name is Bit Invest,, Business model-HYIP, Business License-No, enrollment cost: Free to Join/Deposit required to update your participation 

Barely any inquiries I discovered responses to include: 

What is an HYIP? HYIP is an abbreviation for High Yield Investment Program. Furthermore, that fits Bit to Invest perfectly. They guarantee to pay some unbelievably high enthusiasm for investments. The more you invest the more you purportedly gain. A portion of the rates is high to such an extent that you can nearly tell that something isn't right. 

Next, what is Bit Invest? Bit Invest is an organization that evidently invests your cash into double or forex exchanging and you make some immense benefits. The principal thing I saw about the site is that it doesn't have a security endorsement. Furthermore, that was the primary warning that sprung up. You can tell if a site has a security testament by taking a gander at the head of your program, if it has https before the URL, at that point, it portion have a declaration. Also, any legitimate investment site will have this authentication. 

At that point, what e-monetary forms does Bit Invest acknowledge? Bit Invest utilizes an assortment of instalment processors for credit.debit cards and bank moves, these incorporate Perfect Money, Egopay, Payeer, Payeer, and Bitcoin. 

Additionally, what are the base and greatest store for Bit Invest? You can invest with Bit Invest for as meagre as $5 and the greatest store is $9000. This truly sounds incredible when you perceive how reasonable it very well may be to invest with these folks. On a superficial level, this truly resembles an extraordinary arrangement unrealistic!!! In any case, sit tight for it since things are not what they appear. 

When would I be able to demand a withdrawal from Bit Invest? You can demand a withdrawal from Bit Invest 20 days after you have joined with a norm or fledgeling account;10 days after with a propelled account, 5 days after with an expert record. 

How is the premium determined with Bit Invest? This is the extremely mind-blowing part, I was unable to accept my eyes when I saw the financing costs that this organization says it pays. I will let the picture underneath justify itself with real evidence. 

At that point comes a definitive inquiry: 

Would I be able to believe Bit Invest? 

I have checked with different scam survey destinations and HYIP screens and practically every one of them gives Bit Invest an exceptionally helpless trust rating. This I am certain is a result of their helpless history on paying their customers. I have come to discover that if you don't stay faithful to your commitment to your customers that most locales tend not to do well indeed and in the end close up shop. 

Bit Invest as I would like to think is perhaps the greatest scam on the web this 21st century. I would not send anybody there to invest cash or even burn through their time taking a gander at this site. This is because there is no record of anybody that has been effectively paid by them. They simply trick people with the developing cash on their dashboard yet can't pay the individuals who have reached and even passed the instalment limit! 

If it's not too much trouble avoid them and search for better ones that really pay. 

What do you think?


  1. Thank u so much Rossy.

  2. Wow thanks alot.I was about to become a victim.Which crypto investment company(s)would you recommend?

  3. Thanks a lot for your help rosy


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