Happy Valentine's Day + My Valentine Giveaway

It's at long last Valentine's day and I was reminded about it by the zooming off quick speeding vehicles and the standard "in what capacity will your Val resemble?" question I got from individuals! 

Indeed, it's a season to show love as well as to likewise feel cherished! While recollecting your friends and family and offer exquisite minutes with them. if it's not too much trouble make sure to contact the individuals who have harmed you or done the same to you and give some consideration and love!! 

In this way, to the individuals who I have harmed, who have harmed me, who I love and who love me; I need to truly value you for everything both great and terrible! 

Also, to my perusers, here's my Valentine giveaway for you! 

It's a broadcast appointment voucher for Glo endorsers, however! 


Still don't have a clue why I picked glo! 

Picture result for pictures of valentine day 

Thus, Happy Valentine to all of you and recollect that affection isn't a day issue however a lifetime issue so be shrewd! 

Have a ball without limit! xoxo!


  1. WOW!!!!! My lucky day!!!!

  2. I got it! Glo one thousand naira!!!

    Thanks!! You just made my val! Even though I don't have anyone to go out with!

  3. Happy valentine's day to u dear!!


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