Dollie Popman Mingled With 8 Heads Of State, Worked For 2 Governors And Still Plans To Remain A DJ

Dollie Popman, His Royal Soulness, Duke of 'da Haaardest Jamz' on the Radio, South-South Nigeria's Most Valuable Playa on the MIC is the man we're discussing. He is an observed On-Air Personality, a first-rate portable, club and radio dj. He presently functions as a Protocol Assistant to Akwa Ibom State Governor Udom Emmanuel. 

Dollie is likewise a decent Master of Ceremonies who has built up himself as one of the most gifted and able diversion proficient figures around. Having kicked 'da game' since age 19, Dollie Popman brings to the table, more than 20 years of demonstrated aptitudes picked up in club, radio and portable DJing. 

As the ancestor of #ArtMostSphere - a Jam Session, Open Mic Contest, and DJ Battle which holds each January 1 in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Dollie has game and contact with significant parts in media outlets both inside and outside Nigeria. Just to make reference to yet a couple, PSquare, JMartins, Duncan Mighty, DJ JimmyJatt, 50cent, Ciara, Kwiet Storm, Presh of KC Presh, Sunny Neji, DJ Trainwreck, Public Enemy originator Hank Shocklee, and Award-winning maker, ninth Wonder. 

Dollie Popman as of late shared a moving message on his Facebook page, describing his initial days in the matter of the "wheels of steel" and what he intends to do after his "deployment" in Akwa Ibom State Government House. 

This is what he composed! 

"I review as an auxiliary school understudy when my father shut down a gathering and pursued me outta the spot cos I was the "administrator" (as neighborhood DJs were then known). Unfazed I proceeded onward... to Asma Nite club in Paradise City Hotel, Metropolitan Hotel, Tuxedo Junction, Crystal Palace Studios all in Calabar, rockin' the city circuit as the Resident DJ. In addition, Cross River Radio as first-class host of outline besting music shows, fraternizing with the grandiose including the country's greatest young men and young ladies! At that point obviously, I paid school expenses at Unical from my DJ charges. In 2011 I was on DJ obligations when I was spotted by HE Sen Akpabio. In 2015 HE Gov Udom Emmanuel held me in my present Govt House job, wherein 5 yrs in addition to I have strolled honorary pathway and blended with 8 Presidents and heads of governments, incalculable govs, and ex-govs, representatives, diplomats, clergymen, power merchants, military high administrators, famous actors, A rundown big names, media masters, business investors, as much as possible legal counselors, highbrow experts whatnot. I've been to all the best nations of the 6 landmasses. I have had a similar stage with 50 Cent and Ciara performing live! Counting all the A-rundown Naija artists, I've stuck with DJ Trauma, DJ Whookid, P. Diddy, and T - Pain just to specify yet 4! My father and I have since shared a few "containers of comprehension" at the club! He didn't close it down this time...thank God. My 3 children are in the game as well - Clinton, 10 plays the console, Lionel, 8 the lead guitar and Aniekpeno, 6 beginnings his drum exercises one week from now. Exercise: Pursue your enthusiasm. Do what you have faith in. Go, child go, do your thing. Disregard haters, search forward for there's more in front than behind. Try not to let nobody stop you, however, please go to class close by. Information is everything! A large number of gratitude to God who has favored me with gifts and presented to me this far, who am I! I love to play others' music, turning the wheels of steel on the 1's and 2's. It's taken care of my tabs for 3 decades! At the point when I finish up my deployment in the Govt House, I sure will come back to the turntables either on the radio, club or on the go...big time! This is only a pencil sketch of my excursion up until this point. Presently do you despite everything wonder why I will kick the bucket a DJ? 

Inspiring! By what other methods can a man express his undying affection for his enthusiasm?

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