How To Bake A Cake Without An Oven Using The Local Pot Method

We as a whole think about cakes, however, do you realize that before the coming of gas, electric, and charcoal ovens, the cake has been in the presence and it was generally baked then in neighbourhood ovens like the earth oven utilized by most bread bakeries, pots among others? Our cutting edge kitchen machine sure is a lifeline with regards to heating and everything except not every person has it. 

Although you don't have any of these advanced ovens, you can in any case bake effectively and it will come out genuine fine. I've utilized this technique ordinarily and it has consistently worked for me! Thus, I'll be indicating you the pot technique in this post, since it is the most effective open thing to everybody. 

To bake your cake in a pot, you'll need the accompanying: 

A pot (one that has a spread and covers well) 

An aluminium plate (spotless plate will do fine and dandy) 

Warmth source (a lamp fuel oven or gas cooker or even an ordinary charcoal oven – I've utilized this one as well and it was acceptable. However, requires complete consideration). 

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Step by step instructions to bake without an oven utilizing the nearby pot strategy: 

Light your warmth source, place the pot on it, place the plate face down in the pot and spread it firmly. Aside from the plate, you can likewise utilize sand, stones, or little jars. It simply must be a warmth safe thing. I suggest impeccable plate since its level, adjusted and no danger of sullying is conceivable, not normal for sand and stones. However, consumed cakes are regular with the utilization of sand and stones. 

When the pot is warmed up, cautiously place the cake on the warmed aluminium plate in the pot and spread firmly. 

On the off chance that your pot spread doesn't fit firmly, wrap a kitchen towel or paper around the top before setting the spread to forestall also heat from getting away or cool air from going in. 

Leave the cooker consuming at high warmth for around 10 minutes and afterwards diminish to direct warmth. The cake will bake inside 50-an hour relying upon the cake size. 

Supplement a fork, toothpick, or stick into the cake to check if it's totally baked. If the fork or stick is sodden on expulsion, the cake isn't done at this point however if it comes out dry, at that point your cake is prepared. 

That is it! As basic as that! Simply recollect that the warmth must be controlled to keep the cake from consuming. 

Tell me what you think beneath. On the off chance that you have utilized any of these previously, let me know your experience!


  1. Woah.... This is helpful..

  2. I have used a charcoal stove before and it wasnt pretyy!

    I kinda let the heat get too much!
    Got a badly burnt cake at last!

    My advice, if you want to use a charcoal stove, sit with it all through the cooking process! Any mistake or uncontrolled fore then you will be serving a burnt cake!

  3. Woah.. This is really nice!! I like it!


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