How To Prepare Meat Pie

The meat pie is one of the meat snacks with a filling of precooked carrots, minced meat, potatoes, onions and even flavours. It serves well in any event and is likewise a decent snack to share during family hours and with companions. Furthermore, it's extremely simple to make! The meat pie formula is a simple everyone the fixings can be gotten in any food store/showcase. 

Along these lines, here is the thing that you should begin. 


For the meat pie batter: 

5 cups of flour 

A touch of salt 

1 huge egg (discretionary) 

250g margarine/1 sachet of margarine 

water (as required) 

1 teaspoon preparing powder 

Cover (1 tablespoon flour + 3 tablespoon water) 

For the meat pie filling: 

1 container of minced meat (medium size). You can likewise purchase normal meat and cook till delicate, at that point pound or mesh to pieces. 

2 huge carrots 

Preparing 3D shapes and salt to taste 

3 huge Irish potatoes 

1 huge onion 

1 teaspoonful of dried pepper (discretionary) 

2 tablespoonful of vegetable oil 

1 teaspoon curry and thyme powder 

Flour glue (3 tablespoon flour + 6-9 tablespoon water) 

Here is the strategy for preparing your meat pie: 

The readiness of the meat pie filling: 

Wash and dice the potatoes, onions, and carrots 

Bubble and channel the diced potatoes and carrots. Try not to overcook 

Fry the minced meat, diced onion, and preparing in the vegetable oil. 

Include preparing, salt, curry, thyme and pepper. You may add a little water to forestall consuming. 

Include the flour glue, mix. Try not to let it evaporate. 

When cooked, put aside to cool while you take a shot at the player. 

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Planning of the mixture/hitter: 

Include the flour into a blending bowl, include salt, margarine and focus on the margarine utilizing the tip of your fingers 

Make a well inside the flour and include water 

Tenderly blend in the water and afterwards leave to rest for a few moments 

Move the hitter onto a spotless level surface and turn out level utilizing a moving pin until it is around 2 centimetres thick 

Spot on a pie shaper or utilize a cup to cut into round shapes 

Put some filling on the player and seal. Rub some folio on the edge of the baked good to help legitimate fixing. 

Utilize a fork or meat pie shaper to close the edges and afterwards, vent the head of the pie utilizing a fork 

Heat in a broiler for 30 minutes or until brilliant earthy coloured 

Coating the outside of the pie with egg to make it glossy and spot in the stove again to dry for around 3 minutes. 

Expel from broiler and present with any chilled drink. 

That is it, as straightforward as that! Expectation you will like it when you attempt it!


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