How To Prepare Homemade Crunchy Cookies

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Need a snack to chomp while composing on your PC, pinging with companions, talking on comfortable family night, reading for that jaw-breaking assessment or for no particular reason? Here is the ideal snack for that second. It's crunchy, munchy, flavorful treats! Simple to make and can be prepared under 15 minutes! 

Here are the fixings you need: 

2 cups generally useful flour 

2 huge eggs 

1 teaspoonful vanilla flavour 

125g margarine 

1/2 cup sugar 

1/2 teaspoonful preparing powder 

salt to taste 

chocolate or some other filling (discretionary) 

Strategy for arrangement: 

Measure out the flour, salt, additive (if powder), flavour (if powder), preparing powder into a blending bowl, filter and combine. 

In another blending bowl, measure out the sugar and spread. Blend one way utilizing a turning stick until cushioned in surface and whitish in shading. 

Break the eggs into another bowl (each in turn) and beat well. 

Move egg into the margarine sugar blend and blend well. Include flavour and additive at this stage if fluid and blend. 

Include the filtered flour (little at once) and blend until the flour is totally joined. Try not to blend overwhelmingly. 

Cut into wanted shapes on a lubed preparing plate/skillet utilizing a cutout (you could likewise scoop it onto the plate utilizing a spoon if u wish or without a cutout). 

Spot the chocolates or comparable fillings on the treats like the image beneath. Note that you can include it before placing it into the stove or after it is done. 

Heat for around 15-30 minutes relying upon the thickness of the treat to be prepared. 

Bring it out when it's set. 

Present with any beverage of your decision or essentially crunch away as you watch your film. Trust me, on the off chance that you do it right you should cherish it. Also, you can sell it locally and have a little wellspring of salary! 

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