Hello folks. Missed you all. Its been some time. 

I got a fascinating article following the ongoing Kemen case in the simply finished up 2017 Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) show. I was not so much inspired by the KemenVsTboss issue until I read through the article and some other internet based life posts. 

All things considered, I've not really said anything regarding the issue however I'll jump at the chance to impart this to you and get your point of view about it. 

Its an article named - KEMEN OR SEMEN: The Blurred Line Between MOLESTATION And CONSENT By a Ceaf staff. 

I Except you appreciate it.








Attack: Sexual maltreatment, likewise alluded to as attack, is generally an undesired sexual conduct by one individual upon another. At the point when power is prompt, of brief span, or rare, it is called rape. The guilty party is alluded to as a sexual victimizer or (regularly derisively) molester. 

Assent: This is viewed as consent for something to occur or consent to accomplish something. 

For this situation, with the above definitions, one can say that attack occured among Kemen and TBOSS (otherwise called TOKUNBO IDOWU). 

Truly, I was stunned that some misanthropic men likewise know as CELEBRITIES are acting the hero. 

The elder sibling show as a rule sentiment is a show that needs ethics and 

advances only Sex! Sex! Sex! however, an episode that happened in the 

elder sibling house and the manner in which the makers dealt with it, is maybe the 

just sex Education Nigerians could ever jump on the importance of "Assent" 

Kemen's decision, as we would see it at #CEAF, to explicitly contact a lady without her "Assent". The safeguard as introduced by Ayo Makun (additionally called AY), that it is the thing that a 'right person' would do when a fine angel is next to him' is absolutely inadmissible. KEMEN, OR SEMEN as I like to call him, is a disfavor to all men worldwide and except if he can return in time and fix his demonstration, we will everlastingly recollect him as an absolute misuse of man sperm!
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As per the US Department of State, Country Studies on Human Rights Practices; Domestic savagery has become common, and is typically viewed as socially allowed. In Nigeria alone, roughly three out of ten Nigerian women have encountered real physical viciousness since age fifteen! Also the wild increment of aggressive behavior at home over the most recent 3 years from 21% in 2011 to 30% in 2013. Which is no big surprise we know about mainstream individuals, for example, Ronke shonde, Titilayo Arowolo in our nearby news been slaughtered by abusive behavior at home. 

Be that as it may, the vast majority of this cases are of private residents which just comes to spotlight after it is past the point of no return. Be that as it may, what happens when such a maltreatment is done in the open eye by people or individuals who should serve us? or on the other hand the casualties are open figure's themselves? What occurs? 

Abusive behavior at home isn't a respecter of people, anybody can fall casualty. Furthermore, here are barely any examples: 

1. Dino Melaye: Domestic Abuse, Politics, Bully. 

When you hear the name Dino Melaye, what is the main thing that rings a bell? Inconvenience? Tank top? Egomania? Menace? 

There is no uncertainty that Dino's Melaye in the course of recent years has been in the news more for an inappropriate reasons, for what has happened in his own life, or deprecatory and unskilled proclamations he has made, than any genuine critical change he has brought since the time he joined governmental issues. The main time I heard any huge or constructive outcome concerning his name was the point at which I was in 200 level Law and we were approached to talk about whether his refusal to comply with a court request or not was sacred, from that point forward NOTHING. All he has figured out how to do anyway is cause his two spouses to leave him, since he preferably show his punching ability on two ladies over in the rec center.
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His first spouse , Tokunbo blamed him for hitting her, and that at whatever point 

they had a showdown, she would end up in the emergency clinic getting 

treatment for a wide range of wounds. On September 25, 2013, it was accounted for that Tokunbo and Dino had a contention , and he held a silver gun against her head and would have pulled the trigger in the event that he wasn't occupied when his telephone rang. As proof of his battery, different photos of her draining surfaced on the web. 

I surmise additional proof of his 'masculinity' was the point at which his subsequent spouse, 

Alero Falope left her marriage soon after seven months of marriage. Of 

course, she denied she left because in view of residential violence,but then we know the disgrace that accompanies discussing it… Just saying! 

I surmise the most mainstream news including Dino Melaye that got the country talking, was the point at which he took steps to assault and beat up Senator OluRemi Tinubu previous first woman of Lagos State; especially since his comment to her after she considered him a canine and a hooligan, was focused at her as a lady. In the event that he just called her a canine also, that wouldn't have made a difference much, since she offended him first. Be that as it may, to take steps to 'impregnate her' and state nothing would occur, and think he has made a commendable reply, 

shows how low he respects ladies. 

I additionally recall him as somebody 

who typify ladies by contrasting previous Aviation Minister with the last that he lean towards her in view of her BREAST AND SHAPE! 


As I would see it, he just consider ladies to be sexual item. On the off chance that we can't believe our purported pioneer to live the law he helps make, who at that point would we be able to trust? 


Another superstar is Tiwa Savage. Alright so this might not have been real physical maltreatment; which means Tiwa Savage spouse didn't really beat or hit her, however a maltreatment occurred. 

Enthusiastic and boisterous attack, which as we would like to think at #CEAF is as terrible. It does a great deal of harm to a lady's mental and emotional well being. We at #CEAF don't represent any sort of misuse, regardless of whether it is physical or not, or done by a Woman or not. 

Credit to Tiwa Savage for standing up!

NB: A counsel to TEE BILLZ: what occurred between you 

furthermore, TIWA may likewise occur later on in the event that you don't find a new Line of work, on the grounds that from all sign the principle reason you had a drop out with your better half was about MONEY and Miss-the board. 


At that point Tonto Dike. Aside from being the equivalent 'awkward questioner' (as certain individuals have said) who directed their meetings, something else Tiwa savage and Tonto Dike share for all intents and purpose is an oppressive ex as indicated by Report.
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Tonto as of late revealed that her marriage of under three years had slammed, and among numerous different charges, local maltreatment was said to have happened. She uncovered to the media pictures of herself wounded. This is to give you that nothing is great, even the most appropriate impeccable lady can be experiencing misuse. Praise to Tonto for remaining steadfast. 

So whether it's Dino Melaye (the undershirt ) or Teebillz (the passionate 

victimizer) or KEMEN (the MOLESTER), misuse is misuse, and nobody, regardless of whether VIP or not should represent it. 

Enormous whoop to Celebrities and people who faced Molestation of TOKUNBO IDOWU and on the off chance that you believe that what Kemen did was correct, it's shows you are a piece of the Problem influencing our general public.

Lets stay strong with #CEAF and disapprove of SEXUAL ASSAULTS AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. 

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  1. pure molestation! Forget the people supporting!!!

  2. Who all these people don epp. 😠☺
    Let me be going.

  3. Well, to me, I think Tboss knows about it and just playing saint.

  4. Well, to me, I think Tboss knows about it and just playing saint.

  5. To me, that act has spoilt their chances of hitting it big now! maybe they will later but not now!
    the other housemates are already making waves though!!

    1. Exactly! like Efe, Uriel, Bisola!

    2. not true.. its Nigerians and their hating that is spoiling their chance!!

      I pray I dont get to be a celebrity in Nigeria! I will definitely be cooked alive!!


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