How To Know If He’s Playing Hard To Get Or Just Using You

You know, most occasions it very well may be difficult to discern whether a man is pulled in to you however staying away, or if he's simply utilizing you! Indeed, the principal interesting point is that genuine men don't put on a show! As straightforward as that! They see what they need and follow it. 

Nonetheless, that doesn't mean they won't chill out. Since experience has instructed them that being too accessible frequently causes ladies to lose intrigue. 

Presently, if he's simply utilizing you that is an alternate story. Recall that men are not holy people. How about we see how to tell if a person likes you or if he's acting shy or simply utilizing you. 

The signs are directly before you! 

Here are the signs a person is putting on a show: 

By difficult to get, I mean hard to comprehend. These folks can reveal to you something with a passive face and you will be left thinking about whether they mean it how they said it or if there is a play on words planned. 

For example, he may sound so "cool" you need a translator to know whether he just asked you out. He makes statements like "what are you doing this end of the week?" Or asks, "Do you like climbing?", and so forth you see, he's fishing to ask you out without being straight forward. This isn't really the apocalypse, yet it is anything but a decent sign. If he plays so difficult to get, at that point you should be wary around him so you don't misunderstand the thought regarding his discourses. 

Next, signs that a person is utilizing you: 

At the point when a person is utilizing you, he makes no arrangements by any stretch of the imagination. He's unconstrained — bad. His solicitations are consistently at the time, and frequently includes approaching his home or yours. Utilizing you has all the components of self-centeredness, and they're composed all over his words and activities. 

For example, he could simply call you from no place just to declare that he is remaining before your home and needs you to open the entryway! Now and again he could call you at work/school to reveal to you he's approaching assume you to his position! For the most part, these folks will, in general, be over-possessive yet not generally positively. 

All things considered, the uplifting news in the two cases is that the answer for these folks is in your grasp: 

Do you favour a straight-forward man? Truly? At that point: 

On the off chance that he's playing it "cool" and asking you, "what you're doing during the end of the week?" 

State, "I have a couple of activities yet I have some spare time, do you have something as a main priority?" 

Give him a window and see what he does with it. 

Then again, on the off chance that you presume he's utilizing you, have a go at saying, "I value your proposal to approach your home, in any case, I don't feel great. What's your opinion about thinking of an alternate arrangement?" 

In all cases, the key is to sort the men from the young men by requesting what works for you and telling men what doesn't. This motivates the correct sort of men and disposes of inappropriate ones. 

I couldn't imagine anything better than to partake in your effective relationship encounters later! 

Remain cool!


  1. Just the truth dear!!

  2. I am hard to understand but that don't make me hard to get too!

    1. Then which one are you?

    2. I guess i an just a regular guy who doesn't want to use girls nor play hard to get!

  3. This is just the truth!
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