#NoMercyForLanre: Mercy Aigbe - A Case Study Of Domestic Violence

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Abusive behavior at home is a horrible which is saturated reality and turns into a dubious theme when brought to the spotlight particularly when a superstar is included. 

At the point when you raise the name Mercy Aigbe and aggressive behavior at home you get a surge of data, stories and report. The story began the well known web based life stage, Instagram, where Mercy Aigbe posted an image on the 28th of April 2017 with the inscription "disapprove of abusive behavior at home… "

It started questions and doubt which the entertainer attempted to close somewhere near later sharing an image of her and her significant other, Lanre Gentry, which she brought down minutes after the fact following unforgiving remarks by fans and adherents on her Instagram page. She was later spotted after the occasion shrouded in cosmetics with little hint of the episode. 

The rough marriage of mercy Aigbe turned into a drifting subject that week heightening to three individuals captured for provocation and a limiting request was made sure about against her significant other. 

As indicated by reports, on the fifth of May Mercy Aigbe appeared at the Area F police headquarters because of greeting by police just to meet the nonattendance of her significant other Lanre Gentry who anyway came out to the media to deny battering his better half, additionally asserting that the entertainer/specialist has been experiencing mental confusion heaped with allegations of treachery.

Mercy Aigbe also took to the media changing her handle from @mercyaigbegentry to @realmercyaigbe with an exposing e-letter, picture evidence of the incident and followup scanning procedure done to prove the extent of the abuse, a harsh reality check to the shy topic of domestic violence which can happen to anyone even in the most seemingly stable relationship.
Lanre Gentry has embarked on a journey of cat and mouse. Running away from the law and there has been an accusation of Lanre conniving with the police, an accusation made by Mercy Aigbe herself.
We just hope this will not be another case of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE been swept under the rug, which has become the norm in our society.

This is a lesson to everyone that the seemingly most perfect couple might not be so perfect after all. Stop the envy!
Let’s share and raise awareness!
Well, I just played my own part, hope you will do same.


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