Things Men Find Unattractive About Women

The truth of the matter is that MOST ladies love to chatter. They can even talk about the littlest things that they notice men foul up with their companions. Women, kindly don't chatter me for setting up this post! Lol! 

Anyway, if the women love to babble, shouldn't something be said about the men? Does a normal person talk about stuffs ladies do in any event, when he shouldn't? 

Does a person whose occupation has nothing to do with design truly comprehend anything about ladies' outfit, scent, or cosmetics? All things considered, some do! Truth be told, a large portion of them do. They could converse with their companions (and now and again, themselves) about the little stuffs they cannot endure ladies or for the most part don't care for. 

I did a bit of sneaking around and got 10 things men find ugly about ladies that the ladies really continue doing (either purposely or unconsciously). 

Here are those stuffs most folks find ugly: 

1. Awful Breath and Yellowish Teeth: Okay, overlook folks, nobody really prefer to sit close to somebody whose breath can disturb your stomach! This one can go to the degree of making folks thoroughly consider threefold before asking you regardless of how beautiful you are. Yellowish teeth and awful breath can be a mood killer to the other gender. Consider what causes the issue and go get an answer. Do you smoke, or is it simply your helpless cleanliness, or perhaps you drink an excessive amount of espresso, dark tea, red wine or ate garlic/onion without brushing? In either case, give a valiant effort to take care of the issue as quickly as time permits. Use brightening toothpaste or strips to make your grin more brilliant and convey breath draggers in your satchel. Figure out how to brush two times every day (morning and night) and furthermore use brush exceptionally made for smokers, or better despite everything, quit smoking! 

2. An excessive amount of Fragrance: Yes, everybody needs to smell decent! Be that as it may, would it be advisable for it to be done to the detriment of different people groups nostrils/stomach? The Perfume is made to assist you with communicating your uniqueness and keep you smelling pleasant. Yet, an overdose of something that is otherwise good is rarely right. A drop of your preferred smell is sufficient to make a man focus on you. Make your fragrance your little mystery. That is the most ideal approach to keep a man pondering and envisioning a great deal of wonderful things about your character. Don't over use it and cause him to feel awkward around you. 

In the event that you don't have the foggiest idea, showering scent a lot at a go makes you smell like a shop of air freshner and this can cause individuals around to wheeze constantly! I wager you wouldn't your date to wheeze all through the discussion! 

3. Harsh Glitter and Shimmer on Your Eyelids: If you are not an expert cosmetics craftsman, it will be better in the event that you abstain from utilizing glittery and shimmery eye shadow. Not many prevail with regards to applying it in any case. The individuals who cannot do it wind up looking like outfits for Halloween. Women, get guidance, watch recordings or go for an expert cosmetics craftsman to dodge this blemish. 

4. Gummed up Lashes: This is the thing that normally happens when you apply an excess of mascara. It bunches and doesn't make your eyes look attractive and enticing by any stretch of the imagination. Use mascara of good quality. Trial with a few brands and pick the best one for you the one that doesn't smear under your eyes or focus on following two or three hours. At last, utilize an extraordinary brush to brush your lashes and evacuate the bunches. Try not to go about with clusters of mascara on your eye lashes! Particularly out on the town! Yuck! 

5. Open Grooming: Trust me, men would prefer not to know or perceive how you make yourself appealing. This demolishes their fantasy. Let them think you are easily excellent. 

All significant cosmetics systems ought to be performed at home, not out in the open. So women that go about with cosmetics inside their satchels, take a stab at ending it or don't have any significant bearing your make out in the open spots like study hall, church, inside a transport, office, advertise or even out on the town. 

6. Dry Skin: Seriously, its upsetting to contact dry skin. Scurfy elbows or heels look dreadful. Use saturating and supporting shower gels, creams and body salves after shower. Attempt to apply them liberally to draw out that shine and evacuate the dryness. Presently women, a similar way you see a person whose lips, in the middle of fingers and toes are white and dry is likewise a similar way folks see women with such quality. On the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize all the previously mentioned, get a straightforward moisturizer that has basic oils in it or just get a cream with more oil in it to help lessen the textured skin. 

7. Perplexing Hairstyle: A mind boggling hairdo is okay for a jubilee or an excessive photograph meeting in a studio. Be that as it may, in every other circumstance, characteristic looking or less insane hair is liked. Its unmistakably increasingly lovely to see and contact hair that is liberated from styling gels, clingy hair splashes and other hair items. Additionally, folks need to see your full face and not be occupied by your hair which is everywhere! I can envision a circumstance where he encourages you get into a vehicle and furthermore causes you take care of your hair to abstain from sticking the entryway on it! Women please folks don't extravagant over do. Keep it straightforward in the event that you can. 

8. Wrong Lip Liner: If you have been welcomed out on the town, presumably you will likewise be taken to a bistro or a café. Contemplate how your lips will take care of you have had your supper. On the off chance that you use lipstick and lip liner, at that point in the wake of eating your food, you'll most likely have just the lip liner all the rage. You will most likely concur this wont look alluring by any stretch of the imagination. Its far more detestable if your lip liner is a lot darker than your lipstick or your characteristic lip shading. Such a complexity is absolutely unsatisfactory. 

Let the lip items you use out on the town be as near your regular lip conceal as conceivable to abstain from resembling a guide! 

9. Overwhelming Foundation: Some women apply the kind of establishment that makes their face look as though they applied earthy colored and wet sedated Dustin powder utilized around evening time for rashes. Establishment is made to conceal lines, imperfections and little defects. It makes your skin look solid and smooth. It can level out your composition and improve your skin tone. On the off chance that it is obvious, at that point you didn't matter it right. Establishment should be undetectable to other people and even you. Altogether mix it with your skin, that is the best way to evade the veil impact. Ensure you go for one that thoroughly coordinates your skin to abstain from having one shading all over and your neck demonstrating an alternate shading. 

10. Seriously Shaved Body: Whether you like it or not, men incline toward smooth skin. Deal with your whole body. Ensure that your legs and armpits are totally spotless and bare. Such things assume even a more prominent job than cosmetics. It enlightens a ton regarding your cleanliness and there is no reason for applying cosmetics if the remainder of your body isn't absolutely slick! 

Here's a tip, don't go out wearing a sleeveless top on the off chance that you aren't certain of how your underarms look! On the off chance that you should wear it, when out in the open do well to limit hurling your arms as far as possible! 

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All in all, did I miss anything? Lets hear it underneath!


  1. The gossips... We hate em! Especially the ones about us!

    You'll see girls talking about their guy's inability to satisfy them financially, in bed and all that!

    Damn! It hurts when we see your friends look at us like they know our deepest secrets!!

    1. Stop it... It ain't cool one bit!!

    2. Seriously Rob??

      You are going to tell me you've never discussed your girl with your friends over a bottle of beer??

    3. Nope.... I don't do that!

      What happened to "don't wash your dirty linen in public?"

    4. WTF?? Dirty linen??

      Please don't start what you can't finish!!

    5. Huh??

      Did you just call our attitude "dirty linens??"

    6. Whatever girls... Just take the hint! 😘😘


    7. This guy is such an a**hole 😣😣

    8. I heard that babe!

  2. Woah!!

    This is heated!!

    Let me just read comments here...

  3. Number 2,5,9,10 so unattractive to me!!
    I can manage d rest!

  4. Lol.. So true.. Especially the eye makeup part!!


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