How To Prepare Chocolate Cake

Hi foodies! New formula for you! For chocolate sweethearts, it's a twofold reward for you! 

It's a straightforward chocolate cake formula. Trust me; I'd get heating at this moment on the off chance that I was you! You would adore that chocolate taste! It's very yummy and you can really swallow it all in a moment and still desire more! Making your own chocolate cake is excessively wonderful in addition to its exceptionally simple to get ready. 

Along these lines, how about we get preparing! 


2 1/2 cups of flour 

2 cups of sugar 

A touch of salt 

1 tablespoonful of preparing powder 

7 tablespoonful of cocoa powder 

10 tablespoonful of vegetable oil 

2 cups of warm water 

3 huge measured eggs 

Flavour and additive 


- Measure out all the dry fixings - flour, salt, sugar, preparing powder, cocoa powder, additive (if powder structure) and blend. 

- In another blending bowl, blend the fluid fixings - egg, vegetable oil, water, flavour and additive (if the fluid additive is been utilized) 

- Pour in the flour blend (a little at once) and blend until smooth 

- Transfer the player into a lubed heating dish and prepare for 30-45 minutes 

- After heating, leave to cool before moving onto a cake load up. 

- You can soften a little chocolate and pour on top equitably, enliven with icing or essentially eat that way. 

- Serve with any beverage of your decision. 

Ooops, trust I didn't disillusion you by not adding chocolate to the formula? You realize that cocoa powder can do something amazing and give you that chocolate taste! 

However, if you demand you need to utilize chocolate, simply purchase a bar (pick a size you want) of chocolate, soften in the stove or over any warmth source and pour it in with the fluid fixings stage two). Include a little cocoa powder on the off chance that you need to. 

Note that the size of chocolate you use will decide the amount of sugar you will require (assuming any). So you don't wind up with a sweet chocolate cake! 

I need to find out about your encounters in the remark box beneath!



  2. This looks yummy!! Plus chocolate is my favorite!! 😄😄

  3. Lady Rosy... I can't wait to taste that cake. Am almost eating my PC screen. Please some to MY-Ammy

  4. Do I Need to add a chocolate flavor?? Or any other one?

  5. Do I Need to add a chocolate flavor?? Or any other one?

  6. Well Julie, chocolate flavors are more appropriate.. But some people prefer to use other flavours..

    So, picking a flavor depends on the individual's taste/choice.

  7. Looks yummy dear!!


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