Top Qualities To Look Out For When Looking For A Long-Term Relationship

You'll agree with me that while we are young, most of us are only interested in how a person looks and how he/she makes us feel/look when in public places. But when we get older and start looking for life partners, many people look for qualities other than looks.

If you are at this stage where you feel that you are ready to settle down and focus on a long term relationship, here are top qualities that you need to look out for in a partner:

1. Honesty And Respect:
It's always recommended that you be open in your relationship. This calls for you to tell your spouse all the necessary details. The details should be both good and bad. Be honest in telling him/her things you feel they should know. While this is the case, you shouldn't be disrespectful. When your partner makes a mistake, you should correct him/her respectfully. For your relationship to last for a long time, you should respect each other. Showing disrespect can stir a lot of negative feelings. As a rule of thumb, you should never bring down your partner with your words or actions.

2. Fun To Be With:
While your partner should be responsible and serious in life, he/she should also be fun to be with. Your partner should be able to laugh away the life inconveniences, make fun of normal occurrences and laugh at himself/herself. A partner with a sense of humour isn't boring and helps you have a fun, bright and hopeful look on life.

While a sense of humour is great, you should try to avoid a person who takes delight in making fun of other people. If your partner is such a person, gently talk them out of that! If you dont do that, you'll be so embarrassed to watch when he/she gets to be at the receiving end of the fun making!

3. Maturity:
Maturity isn't just about acting all "grown-up" such as not watching cartoons or laughing at booby jokes. Maturity is the ability to tell right from wrong, take responsibility for actions, and solve problems when you come across them. If your partner is always blaming the government, you, traffic, boss or anyone else for something, he/she isn't mature and you should be wary when working with him/her. Most importantly, if you tell him/her a truth that hurts, he/she should be matured enough to handle such without overacting! An immature person will blow over and it may cause you to withhold the truth next time.


4. Responsible:
Maintaining a long-term relationship requires both of you to be responsible. One common feature of a long-term relationship is children. The last thing that you want is living with a partner who can't provide for the children or take good care of you at least. Your partner doesn't necessarily need to have a lot of money but he/she should have some level of financial security. You, on the other hand, need to be responsible and independent enough to be able to support your partner with whatever they do.

5. Shared Interests:
According to relationship experts, having common interests strengthen relationships. The common interests can be as simple as having a fondness for certain types of food or as advanced as completing a complex puzzle.

When you have common interests with your partner you will have something to talk about. This brings you closer and helps you live with your partner for a long time without getting bored. When looking for a partner, you shouldn't look for one that shares all of your interests. One common interest is enough to bring you close and help you enjoy a beautiful, long term relationship.

These are just the important features that you should look out for when looking for a partner for a long term relationship. Getting the right partner may take time but you just have to be patient in your search and keep praying that you don't get someone you cant to tolerate.


  1. You forgot to add that the person must be faithful! To me, a faithful partner is better than one who's not fun to be with!

    1. That's a good point! But I feel that someone who's honest, responsible, mature and also respects you, may likely not want to cheat on you!
      Unless you are one of the very quiet ones, having someone who's fun is actually a big advantage!

  2. Yeah... I feel she should just be honest with me and be filled with humor and that's all..

  3. Great list and really interesting points!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop


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