Happy Independence Day And A Brief Reflection For Nigerians

Glad Independence day and an upbeat New month. 

It's another chance to begin again as people and as a nation! 

I'll love to share a concise reflection I discovered moving. It's something to offer us trust as we praise our 57years of freedom together. 

It's motivated by Isaiah 11:1-10 

1. There will approach a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch will develop out of his foundations. 

2. Also, the Spirit of the LORD will settle upon him, the soul of insight and comprehension, the soul of direction and might, the soul of information and the dread of the LORD. 

3. Furthermore, his joy will be in the dread of the LORD. He will not decide by what his eyes see, or choose by what his ears hear; 

4. in any case, with exemplary nature he will pass judgment on poor people, and choose with value for the quiet of the earth; and he will destroy the earth with the pole of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips, he will kill the evil. 

5. Honesty will be the support of his midsection, and steadfastness the support of his flanks. 

6. The wolf will stay with the sheep, and the panther will rest with the child, and the calf and the lion and the fatling together, and a little youngster will lead them. 

7. The dairy animals and the bear will take care of; their young will rests together, and the lion will eat straw like the bull. 

8. The sucking youngster will play over the gap of the asp, and the weaned kid will put his hand on the viper's nook. 

9. They will not do any harm or pulverize in the entirety of my heavenly mountain; for the earth will be loaded with the information on the LORD as the waters spread the ocean. 

10. In that day the foundation of Jesse will remain as an ensign to the people groups; he will the countries look for, and his abodes will be sublime. 

For the reflection, we as a whole realize that God has guaranteed us another Jerusalem that would be tranquil and without mischief and malevolence. You can envision a spot where wolves would-be visitors of the sheep; you'd calf and the youthful lion will move together and a little youngster will be there to control them. To be completely forthright, I don't believe there's anything more prominent than these. 

Thus, while we anticipate every one of these guarantees, we need to deal with ourselves while we are still here to empower us to arrive. Recollect God says that the lion will eat straw like the bull and the bovine and bear will be neighbours. All things considered, checking out us we may presume that it's unrealistic however with God it is. As people, we feel since we are a dominant part or we are at the top, we will perpetually stay there. Thus we will, in general, treat others like they are nothing. Because of status, clan or religion, numerous individuals today no longer have respect for others' characteristic rights. Christ is revealing to us that in His realm there is no type of predisposition and he's requesting that we expel such and centre around what's significant which is living as one country. 

Where Christians will love and care for the Muslims and the other way around; the Igbos will celebrate with the Yorubas and Hausas and the other way around, with no negative thought process and keep spreading bliss any place they go. 

Like the little kid who leads and guide the lion and calf, we ought to figure out how to be liable for the security of each other. Note that this kid is most likely beneath 15years old enough! 

This is to show that obligation doesn't accompany age. While growing up, we were informed that we are the pioneers of tomorrow, however, have you asked why there's practically no Nigerian chief underneath 30years old enough? Straightforward, we don't accept our obligations as genuine as we should. We continue accepting we would begin taking activities when we get silver hair. However, today, Christ is stating that an opportunity to act is present! We have to step up and assume the liability of our activities and endeavour to live s concerned residents. 

Today we praise our 57years of freedom. Although we have recorded eminent victories, we despite everything have a great deal burdening us and hauling us down. Our nation is in confusion since everybody is watching and giving great proposals to help yet nobody is acting. Consider this, you who state we shouldn't isolate the nation, would you say you are been overall quite wanting to your neighbour who's not your clan or religion? You who state we ought to head out in our own direction, would you say you are in acceptable terms with the individual you call your sibling? You who state our economy is disintegrating, would you say you are not reserving open assets in your record for your unborn age? You who state our pioneers are degenerate, would you say you are reasonable in your dealings with your family, companions, partners and others? These are not the ways of life of individuals who might involve the new Jerusalem. 

We have to realize that until we begin obliging each other until we become answerable for our activities, we can't turn out to be better adolescents; until we start to do things ourselves without hanging tight for individuals we feel are fitting for the activity, we can't turn out to be better kids; until we quit thinking we are as yet youthful and begin doing what is anticipated from us, we can't turn out to be better guardians; until we expel inclination and begin permitting others to appreciate characteristic benefits, we can't be better residents. Also, when the residents are not meaning to turn out to be better, the nation won't move to the perpetual site. Recall that change starts with you. You become better, at that point, you impact the following individual to do the same and he thus impacts another. At the point when this circle finishes, we'll show signs of improvement in society everybody couldn't imagine anything better than to live in. 

As we attempt in our own little manner to turn out to be better, we implore that Our Lady Queen of Nigeria would keep on mediating for us and the soul of insight, getting, direction and dread of God will reinforce us and assist us with becoming in affection for one another and make our nation an equitable and serene one to live in as we sit tight for the new country. 

In any case, we should not neglect to make our stay here and for others truly agreeable. Keep in mind, love makes life as we know it possible!


  1. Amen! This country would be great!

  2. You know, if Nigerians are as active as their mouths, we'll have little to worry about!!


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