Depression—The Modern-Day Ailment

 After several stories of “happily ever after,” as smart minds, we inquire, “what’s next?” The Information Age not only blessed us with knowledge, skill, and easel of life, but it also got us asking the right questions. Now when it seemed all perfect, there is just one dent...the part we asked, “what’s next?”

In life, a sense of purpose is about everything: that good sense and feeling that you are part of something tremendous and way more significant than you. However, our Age sadly doesn’t inform us that simple truth. After we’ve successfully amassed millions or billions, possess supercars, the best houses, and all the material things we ever desire, we still got that shallow void that seemed never to be fillable that got many do what I call “modern-day” ailment. You’ve got it right; depression it is. 

Maybe it is circumstances or bad economic state of self or country that caused another person depressed—it is expedient to understand a simple truth all depressed mind probably failed to grasp: nothing, I mean not a thing in this world can make you happy. Odd? You can only be satisfied from within. That’s why depression never had a class: both rich and poor get depressed. And the result is usually adverse. Depression is as lethal as a pandemic or a viral disease. Depression could make a highly successful person feel as though he has ever achieved anything. A down spirit could get one to commit suicide—an act no sane person should indulge. 

Dear Reader, let’s understand that happiness is just a state of mind, as well as sadness. For every action, there is always a reaction, and a good reaction to a terrible circumstance is not madness. It shows signs of inner peace. And how can we get this inner peace that surmounts any mountain of depression and shield us from all fiery darts of down spirit to keep us mentally healthy and in fine fettle? The short answer is a sense of purpose

If one has a sense of purpose, whether good or bad, happens, there is always something constant, the feeling that you belonged somewhere; that what you do doesn’t swing meaninglessly. The void not filled in every mind of a depressed person is nothing but destructive imagination. And a strong sense of purpose not only binds negative energy but also gives you constructive vision to further your line of aim and purpose. The “what’s next” question then becomes invalid as “happily ever after” is ever a present tense in your life’s vocabulary. 

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