The Road Less Traveled

In a world where many strive for proper identity, may it not be unnoticed that self-discovery is one of the most important discoveries in our world. As a living being, we want to be part of something great; we want our voices heard; we want to be viewed as important persons. Yet, in the end, just a few people achieve this because not everyone knows who they are.

As we journeyed to becoming a better person, let us know that it is a focus in the right direction that can only get us where we are going. And there is no way to go in our right direction without knowing where we are going beforehand. This is where self-discovery sets in. People may help us, teach us or lead to do something; however, we are the only one who can help ourselves. 

We should never let ourselves be too caught up in our mentors or leader’s advice. It will mostly create duplicity of them in us. Since the best version of ourselves can only be created by us, why not just shut the noise and listen attentively to our interests, skills, and intelligence?

We can’t be taking orders like soldiers and still have a mind of our own. Let’s endeavor to create things for ourselves, get to know ourselves, and stop the normal routine of copy. The road to true success is a lonely path. That’s why just a few people get successful. 

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